Worries and emotions during the exams do not go to any comparison with the stress experienced by the pupils of the 9th and 11th grades, staying in search of the "same" dress at the prom. It may seem strange for some to worry about choosing an evening outfit, but not for us. We know perfectly well how important a beautiful dress is for a schoolgirl of yesterday and how important it is to find the perfect outfit for a prom. To make things easier for young girls, we prepared a photo and a special review of the most stylish short evening dresses, which will be fashionable in 2015.

Short dresses for prom 2015: top trends

One of the basic rules that guide when choosing a dress or a costume for a graduation party is that the outfit should match the latest fashion trends. And this is understandable, because in such an important evening no one wants to feel uncomfortable in the "obsolete" attire. In 2015, most of the world-famous brands in their collections have relied on naturalness and naturalness. And this means that even evening dresses 2015 will differ simplicity of cut, minimalism and use of natural fabrics. In addition, designers have preferred too frank mini-dresses short dresses of feminine style, so successfully emphasizing the harmony and youth of young graduates.

As for the fashionable shades, then in the color scheme, the prevalence of natural tones is also traced. Short dresses on graduation will be popular, made in the following colors: beige, golden, bronze, purple, mint, blue, pink, white, scarlet, silver, black. It should also be noted that among the actual models will be two-color short dresses. For example, a very nice combination of a black bodice and a pink skirt.

Short prom dresses 2015: fashion designs and elegant model photos

This year on the first place on popularity there will be short dresses on the final, executed from air fabrics and generously decorated with rhinestones or stones. Especially actual will be a light chiffon dress-bustier with a voluminous skirt. This model dresses in combination with high-heeled body shoes are ideal for tall, slender girls.

On a note. Undisputed leader 2015 - a short monochrome dress with a bustier bodice, decorated with rhinestones. Remember that such a brilliant dress looked amazing, just like in the picture from the magazine, choose simple single-color accessories to it.

The classic short dress-case is also among the favorites of 2015. Especially popular is this model with one shoulder strap. Another actual version is a dress-case completely made of lace fabric.

One can not but note the growing demand for retrostyle. Elegant models from the 40's and 50's with fitted silhouettes are perfect for a prom. In this outfit, you will not only look stunning, but also be comfortable on the dance floor. If you decide to opt for a retro dress, then give preference to a model with a multi-layered skirt and a lace-trimmed top.