In the West the tradition of writing colleagues farewell letter, dismissing from the company, circulated for quite some time. We have it, too, is slowly but surely becoming more popular. Why write farewell letter to colleagues at dismissal. They used to say in those letters?

First, a farewell letter upon dismissal need you. Leaving work is the end of one stage in life and beginning of another. But often we don't realize until the end that the old stage of career (and possibly even life) is over. A farewell letter is a way to put a kind of symbolic point, after which can start with a clean slate .

Second, to the colleagues at dismissal pursued a purely informational purpose. Tell everyone why you're leaving, can be exhausting. A lack of information created a buzz — not always pleasant. In the letter you can briefly explain why you made this decision. But try to state only the facts, without succumbing to emotions — they can render you bad service.

Third, this letter will help to save your contacts. If you and your colleagues do not conflict, it is better to keep in touch with them even after retirement. Especially if you are going to work in the same field. You never know how the rest of your career and who may be useful. It is not necessary to break all ties and burn the bridges behind them.

By the way, about conflicts with colleagues. If misunderstandings still were, you might be tempted to use a letter to colleagues in case of dismissal as a way to speak about their everyday concerns and to dot the i. Don't want to do. First, in answer to your letter from them, you not get. Second, there is a risk completely ruin a relationship with them. and, as mentioned above, no one knows what changes life can bring.

So what to write in a farewell letter? To start it is by contacting colleagues and a small block of official information. what number will you be leaving, if the company is large and not everyone knows each other, it should also mention what position you held and what duties you performed. If you already know his successor — is to specify it in the email to colleagues know who to ask.

After that you can briefly describe the reason for his departure. if colleagues are not aware of. Farewell letter for dismissal — this is your chance to give the "official version" of your care. No need to lie, sooner or later the truth is going to come out. But nothing prevents you to file the situation in a favorable light and to prevent the spread of negative rumors and speculation.

Further preferably to briefly sum up the results of joint work, preferably in a positive way. This will help you to kill two birds with one stone. First, if you remind your colleagues about successful joint projects, the memories about you they will be mainly pleasant, because you will now be associated with their own success. Secondly, you writing will be able to "compartmentalize" their professional activities and to draw conclusions. This will help when applying for a new job.

If you have been with colleagues in a good relationship, your letter to colleagues for dismissal may include emotional part. When you are finished with the organizational aspects, Express to your colleagues my appreciation for the cooperation and wish good luck in the future. After this, it is necessary to express hope for the continuation of communication and leave your contact details so that colleagues can contact you.

Do not expect that your writing colleagues will remember you the rest of your life. But such a letter will help you say goodbye to the colleagues to thank them for the time spent together. This is especially important if you for some reason are not able to do it in person. To leave nicely. and a farewell letter is a great opportunity to leave work on a positive note.