Today we offer you to talk about this subject of basic wardrobe like jeans. This is truly a unique thing, because having started in fashion as a uniform of American workers, it became a cult clothing, which is in the trend the past few decades. About how to choose denim jeans that will perfectly sit on the figure, and you'll learn from our article.

How to choose the perfect jeans: determine the size

The most important rule of buying jeans is they have to "sit" on the figure. This means that jeans are a must-try before you buy. Even jeans the correct (i.e. your) size can be narrower than necessary, shorter or longer. And, speaking of sizes, it is necessary to take into account the fact that after wearing jeans are a little "stretched", that is, increase in volume (but not length!). Thus, it is possible to purchase jeans a little smaller.

About the size of the product will tell the figures standing next to the letters W (Waist) and L (Length). The first denotes the waist girth, the second is the length of the leg from the inside. To determine the right size jeans, you need to take away from what you usually wear number 16. For example, if you have 42 size of clothes, you need jeans 26. The length is designated in inches. L 28 corresponds to the growth 157-160 cm, L 30 – 161 to 165 cm, L 32 – 166-172 cm, L 34 – 173-180 cm, L 36 – 181-186.

How to choose jeans on the figure tips of stylists

Determine the size, you should pay attention to the color and style of the selected pair. Jeans are "straight", "skinny", "kleshenyh", "breeches". Fit jeans can be very low, low, medium and high. Just on a mannequin or on a model from the catalog all these jeans sit well. And in the "real world" need to soberly assess their shape, because thanks to jeans to emphasize dignity, hide flaws, and it is possible and Vice versa.

So, for example, girls with a disproportionately short torso better not to buy jeans with a high fit, because such a landing visually further shortens the top. But girls with not very long legs such a landing will help visually make them longer. In addition, a high fit masks the tummy, allowing the figure to look slimmer.

The legs seemed more slender and long, it is better to get models with fading in the middle of the leg. And the color of their edges should flow smoothly from light to dark. If you have wide hips, and the jeans should buy a wide, gradually narrowing downwards. Also you'll like the flared trousers, trimmed with wide stitching and pants with a high rise. If you have narrow hips, you prefer the classic jeans with straight leg and low rise.