2015 year decoration in ethnic style is back in fashion. Stylists offer to wear multiple bracelets and multiple rings on one finger, and neck to decorate countless strands of beads. And all this in order to achieve the original image with ethnic jewelry — trend-spring-summer 2015 season.

Fashion ethnic jewelry 2015: main trends

The main difference of fashionable ornaments in ethnic style is the use of natural materials for their manufacture. For example, wood, alloys, stones, fabrics, feathers. Due to this, ethno-colors are not only beautiful and unusual, but also have a special positive energy.

Speaking about the major fashion trends this year especially popular will enjoy the Tibetan ethnic jewelry — elaborated, rings, necklaces, amulets. Also, the stylists suggest to draw the attention of fashion on cumbersome earrings with turquoise — along.

Another trend 2015 — jewelry from the hippie era. Although these accessories and not entirely ethnic (it is typical for the style, not the people), many of the hippie jewelry that is borrowed from folklore. For example, in 2015, very popular will use thin bracelets elaborated with beads, long pendants, and large earrings and original ring.

What to wear with ethnic jewelry in 2015

In 2015, designers offer to wear ethnic jewelry brand with any style of clothing. For example, simply fitted straight dress will not look less elegant if you combine it with the small bracelet, a miniature ring or Scythian earrings. Of course, the style of office will not accept large and bright etocrylene. But modest earrings and a necklace in the Greek style, made of silver, would be quite appropriate. Ethnic silver jewelry, you can also complement the long evening dress.

Accessories, made of clay, bone, wood and cheap metals stylists recommend to wear simple plain clothes. For example, with jeans and a turtleneck sweater, leggings and a tunic, knitted dress, shirt and trousers. And beaded jewelry and accessories with gemstones look amazing with national dress – Sari, trousers, long skirts, loose clothes made of cotton and flax.

Also, ethno-colors in 2015 effectively look with summer things - all sorts of sarafans, light dresses, T-shirts and tops.