The beginning of the school year is an important event not only for students, but also for their parents. Indeed, on September 1, for a schoolboy, almost as for January 1 for adults - how you will meet him, and you will spend the whole academic year. In addition, on this day the child will see his classmates and teachers after the summer holidays and he will necessarily want to look elegant and stylish. And parents who accompany their children on the line, it is important to withstand the holiday dress code. On what to wear for September 1, students and their parents and will be discussed in our today's article.

What to wear to September 1: advice to students

Well, when the school has a uniform and students do not need to puzzle over the festive attire. But if your school or university does not have a strict dress code, then our advice will help you choose the best option for the line on September 1.

To begin with, there are no big differences between dresses for a first-grader and a graduate. And for the first and for the second it is important to maintain a balance between a strict business and a bright festive way. For this, boys should prefer classical suits with a white shirt and tie or butterfly. But do not think that this option is rather boring, because it can be revived with the help of combinations of styles, colors and accessories. For example, instead of a classic black tie, you can wear a bright butterfly or neck scarf. Instead of the traditional white shirt, choose a more original red or pink model. Stylishly look and checkered suit, which, by the way, in 2015 again in a trend.

For girls, the holiday options for September 1 are even more ranging from the classic light-dark combination to the flashy elegant dress. For example, the most unbeatable and relevant is the image with a white blouse and black skirt-trapezium. It can be varied by slightly changing this color palette, and choosing, for example, a blue skirt and an ivory blouse. In fact, the image will remain within the school dress code, but it will look more refined and stylish. Another great option, which is suitable for high school students and graduates, is a dress-case. This style is considered universal and it fits perfectly into school rules. The main thing - do not choose models with frank decollete and too short options. Do not experiment with the color palette. It is better to give preference to simple shades: black, gray, chocolate, white, milk, blue.

What to wear to September 1: tips for parents

If how to dress a child on a festive line, guided by the school charter, is more or less clear, then the question of the parental appearance of many remains open. In fact, parents do not fall under the school rules, but this does not mean that they can come to the line in jeans or shorts. Parental appearance should correspond to the solemn atmosphere and fit into the overall dress code.

Dads and moms on September 1, it is better to choose simple, but stylish options that have already become classics. For example, dads instead of a strict business suit can wear a white shirt and dark trousers, adding an image of an interesting tie. And mothers can be advised an invariable combination of a skirt-pencil and a gentle blouse, the shade of which can vary from snow-white to any pastel. Another great option for moms is a business dress with an A-shape silhouette. Its length should be slightly below the knee, and the coloring - simple, but elegant. For example, models of bronze, coffee, blue, burgundy, beige shade will fully correspond to the solemn event. Do not forget about accessories, in particular, handbags and jewelry, which should harmoniously fit into the chosen image. So, to almost any of the small silver ornaments and pastel clutch are ideal.