Jeans are probably the most versatile piece both female and male wardrobe. Usually the fashion for jeans would be more interested in the fair sex, but many men also tend to keep up with fashion. So we offer you an overview of the most fashionable male and female models jeans spring-summer season 2016.

Fashion jeans 2016: a review of the current female models

Among the most fashionable women's jeans, 2016 will be: skinny, boyfriend, flared jeans and wide bananas. An absolute must-have this season will be a wide "banana" — jeans, extended at the hips and narrowed down. Also among the trending patterns of a wide styles jeans men's cut boyfriend. These models are perfect and slender, and the plump girls. You can't go wrong if by early spring the summer season buy and a pair of cropped, broad jeans. Another fashionable trick of the season podvoroty. You can buy cropped jeans, you can tuck the Trouser legs have a favorite model. Of completion the image will give a beautiful color combination of reverse and front sides. Among the favorites of the season will remain skinny. However, now designers are advised to pay special attention to the narrow skinny with a high waist.

Fashion jeans 2016: review of actual male models

A common misconception is the opinion that men's fashion is monotonous, and the selection of stylish men's clothing is small. 2016 men's jeans are designed this misconception to debunk. So, in the upcoming spring-summer season, designers offer a huge number of models of men's jeans: from restrained classic to unusual and even extravagant.

Thus, among male fashion models were "observed": a wide truby, classic jeans, skinny jeans, and jeans with a high waistline. If you are not sure which of these styles will suit you, you may prefer straight cut jeans.

2016 jeans: browse fashion jeans shorts

If we talk about denim shorts, this year in many collections the championship was won by ultra-short models with an overestimated waist. They, of course, are very tempting, but before you run to the store for a new thing, soberly assess the possibilities of your figure.

If you are overweight, choose a classical three-dimensional model with a length to mid-thigh or slightly below. This season stylists are advised to wear denim shorts with a thin strap. He puts emphasis on the waist that adds femininity and softness.

Men's shorts amaze with their various colors, at the same time their tail remains very laconic. A straight, slightly elongated silhouette is the classic of the men's beach fashion. The only difference in denim models is the presence of lapels in them. Jeans have a more athletic focus, so these shorts are better to wear with sports shoes and polo shirts. But since denim is now so popular, it is also worn with classic jackets and moccasins.