Bra intimate item of a woman's wardrobe. I had them before the spring of 2016. As if by agreement, the designers brought to the runways models in outfits, do not hide, and frankly flattering underwear. The most chaste option offered J. W. Anderson and DriesVan Noten, combining bras with thin sweaters-tops, and lace stockings. For all its extravagance, these kits can look very true to the casual wardrobe.

Those who prefer more modest outfits, should prefer a more traditional interpretation - a sconce, slightly covered with clothing. The best pair of sexy bra - transparent shirts, net t-shirts or guipure blouses. Buttons unbuttoned to the limit and showing the bodice are another stylish solution.

Perhaps the most evocative role was taken by fashion designers Alexander Wang and Dolce \u0026 Gabbana, turning it into a full version of a stylish outfit. Combining a bra with a skirt in the floor or trousers with a high waist, you can visually "pull out" the silhouette and emphasize the slender waist.

  Lacy sconces and charming varieties of linen crochet tops from Dolce \u0026 Gabbana