There are only two out of seven chance that your birthday will fall on a weekend day. This means that you will probably have to celebrate your birthday at work. How to organize a holiday party in the workplace?

Of course, it all depends on how to apply to the gatherings of your superiors. Somewhere it is generally not customary to celebrate a birthday at work, and all are limited to verbal congratulations, and somewhere the birthday of each employee turns into a large corporate. Therefore, it is best to do as you do (if you work recently and do not know yet how you celebrate your birthday at work, find out the "regulations" in advance.

And in any case bosses and colleagues should warn about the holiday in advance. The authorities are personally, and colleagues can also be e-mailed. But, of course, a personal invitation is valued more, so if your colleagues are few - it's better not to be lazy and invite everyone separately. If you are going to stay in the office after work, be sure to warn the guards.

What are the options for celebrating the birthday at work? If the office party you have not taken, it is possible bring a treat (cake, brownies, fruit) and treat your colleagues. that they drank coffee or tea with him during the working day. It will not distract anyone from work and will not cause discontent on the part of the authorities. It is also suitable if you have several departments in the organization: you will celebrate with your department, and it is worthwhile to treat everyone (if, of course, your organization is not too big, and everyone knows each other).

If the authorities in principle do not object to you celebrating a birthday at work, but asks him not to do that in the workplace, there are several options. Can meet during the lunch break  and eat pizza with juice or drink tea and cake. Be sure to warn your colleagues beforehand so that they do not plan anything for the lunch time. Alcohol in this case is undesirable, you then still work. Maximum - a glass of champagne per person.

Can to sit and after work (in such cases, the authorities can donate an hour, another working time if there are no important and urgent cases). In this case it is better to set the table Mobilnie — cuts, snacks, salads. You can put on the table and alcohol, only in this case, you must first find out from colleagues who drink and who do not drink at all to purchase the right amount of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

After the celebration don't forget to clean up after themselves  - throw out the garbage and disposable dishes, take out the bottles, wipe the table. If you used dishes from the office kitchen, wash it immediately and do not leave until the morning.

Finally, you can go with colleagues in cafe or restaurant. if you do not have a celebration at work, but you and your colleagues will not mind sitting together. However, in this case, the celebration will cost you more than if you just covered the table in the office. But if you have good relations with colleagues - why not?

But what if the birthday at work not celebrating you and some of your colleagues? How to behave in team? First and foremost the question of the gift (especially if the team decided to prepare a festive table it is necessary to offset the costs of the birthday boy). Two main options — to chip in and give an envelope with money or buy a gift.

The gift is good because you show your concern to a colleague that you spent your own time to choose and purchase a gift. But this option is suitable only in the case when you know exactly what to give. Agree, it is unlikely that a coffee maker, even the most "heaped up", will please a person who drinks exclusively green tea and mineral water.

So if you are not familiar with the colleague whose birthday going to celebrate better to stay on neutral option — money. But an envelope with money is better to be supplemented with a postcard with wishes, and if a girl's birthday, then also a bouquet of flowers. Money will be spent, and the postcard will remain and will remind you of the holiday.