The name of Lee Cooper's spring-summer collection is very eloquent. Born In The Sky - something more than a beautiful slogan, behind this phrase is hidden a vast philosophical concept. The creative team of the brand drew inspiration from the street stylistics of the London East End, the legendary center of British culture, embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship and the freedom of self-expression of talented youth. Hence - deliberately careless styles and clean, saturated shades - blue, pink, terracotta. But the distinctive feature of the collection are bright prints reminiscent of graffiti on the walls of buildings, colorful flower shops, vintage shops and flea markets of the East End. T-shirts with abstract ornaments and funny inscriptions are universal. Girls are invited to combine them with mini-shorts and breeches, and men - with classic jeans and shorts, Bermuda.

The ruler Born In The Sky is a solid version of a practical summer wardrobe for a modern urban dweller, not devoid of originality and easy self-irony. Shopaholics can already order things they liked on the official website of the brand or go for new items in stores Lee Cooper.