Denim is a brand in itself: its legendary story, which began with the working overalls of Levi Strauss, continues to this day. The American brand J Brand continues the glorious cause of popularizing denim - its founders decided to please their fans with a collection of bathing suits. The line of beach sets Above Deck is the result of the creative work of J Brand owners Jeff Rudes and Suzy Krippen, as well as the leading producer of high-quality denim - the Turkish company Isko. Material for swimsuits should be natural, quick-drying, durable and not subject to "washout" colors. It is from such a denim fabric, called Isko Blue Skin fabric, models of the Above Deck collection are made.

Stylish beach capsules Above Deck - a great choice for hot summer days

Open espadrilles and a light denim shirt will complement tankini denim

The line included mini-shorts, tops and bodices of the corporate blue color for an active spa holiday. All the things of the collection are easily combined with each other - it is not difficult to choose a universal complete set for rest. In addition, jeans swimwear-tankinis are appropriate not only on the beach, but also outside it - for example, on the waterfront or in the lounge-cafe.

The Above Deck line is available for order on the J Brand, Net-a-Porter and Selfridges sites.

Promotional photo of the Above Deck collection in the social accounts of the brand

Above Deck