Aleksander Siradekian is a magician, glorifying the beauty of female legs in graceful shoes. Summer collection Carousel - a pleasant surprise for both long-time fans of the domestic brand, and for women of fashion who have only discovered the delightful world of a talented designer. The novelties of the ruler resemble the wonderful creations of fairies and elves: they are beautiful and weightless. Colors and decor are traditional for modern Cinderella, easily becoming princesses: pastel shades of pink, gray-blue and cream, golden and silver glitter, bows, fringe, tassels and lace weave straps. Scarlet and black boats on stunning hairpins - for true queens. Those who are captivated by the stories of Scheherazade will like charming sandals and slippers-babushas of velvet and suede.

Satin sandals with silk tassels - for exquisite ladies

Scarlet and black is a classic Duo for the fatal temptress

Collection Carousel - a kind of experiment brand: the appearance of sandals in stores do not have to wait months. All the models from the summer lukbuk have already gone on sale - you can still choose your favorite pair for upcoming balls and parties.

You can buy new Carousel in the stores listed on the official website of the brand.

Light flip-flops in oriental style - an original detail of the summer image

"Cinderella shoes", strewn with radiant glitter - an excellent choice for a solemn event