Swedish brand H \u0026 M is famous for its wide range of children's clothes and attention to the needs of the target audience. The school collection H \u0026 M Mini Back to School 2016-2017, intended for the CIS market, is another confirmation of this. The designers took into account all the requirements of the domestic customer - the line's products turned out to be practical, universal, all-season and, most importantly, stylish. Another advantage of the fast fashion segment is the price: the H \u0026 M kits are quite affordable for the average family.

Promotional photo of the H \u0026 M Mini Back to School line

Children of the Arshavin family of stars in the advertising campaign of the collection

The brand does not offer anything extraordinary: dark blue pleated skirts, dresses, pants, blazers, jackets and jackets are the basis of any school wardrobe. Products can be easily combined, creating costumes-deuces and triplets. Add to the strict sets can be thin white blouses, shirts and, of course, branded sneakers. Fabrics - exclusively natural: fine wool and cotton. Young students will be comfortable both at the desks in the classroom, and during the active running around at the break.

The school collection H \u0026 M Mini Back to School has already appeared in the brand stores.

School uniform for girls from the hatchback H \u0026 M

PhotoSet Mini Back to School prepared by H \u0026 M exclusively for Russia