Marks \u0026 Spencer is a synonym for British quality and comfort. School collection of the popular brand once again justifies the consumer's expectations. Designers have introduced several innovative technologies that make school clothes even more practical and convenient. Triple Action Stormwear - special impregnation, which gives products water-repellent properties and prevents the appearance of stains. Crease resistant provides an excellent view of skirts and trousers, preventing the formation of wrinkles and creases. StayNEW - protection against abrasion and burnout of color: things will look like just from the store. All standard kits have adjustable lengths up to eleven centimeters, and the shirts are pleasantly pleased with Easy close and Ultimate Non-Iron systems. Things that do not crumple, do not get dirty and do not lose irreproachable kind - a dream for parents of school children.

School uniform for girls Slim Fit: fitted for the young fashionistas

Stylish and functional sets for boys

Marks \u0026 Spencer is conservative in a good way - all brand things can easily be combined, creating individual school outfits. Jackets, trousers and skirts of dark blue and gray blended fabrics are successfully combined with dark green, burgundy, white and beige shirts, jumpers, cardigans and T-shirts.

The school collection is already on sale in branded boutiques and an online brand store.

Promotional photo of the new school collection Marks \u0026 Spencer

Advertising campaign Marks \u0026 Spencer School Collection