Embroidery is a permanent hit of the catwalk fashion. But, if in the summer designers preferred soft pastel ornaments, then by the autumn season they prepared more catchy options. The delicate flickering of the lace patterns remained with Rochas and Valentino - the first framed the golden satin with black accents, and the second emphasized the elegance of solid chiffon with a silvery border and shiny inserts. Both decisions, according to secular critics, are worthy of close attention.

Evening fashion from Rochas and Valentino

Those who like fireworks of color, can look in lycbuki Dolce \u0026 Gabbana and Mary Katrantzou: contrasting floristic ornaments mixed with beaded inlays or a fantasy "painting" with a smooth cloth on the fabric - extravagant and stylish.

Ethno-glamor from Mary Katrantzou and Sicilian ornaments from Dolce \u0026 Gabbana

Gothic motifs are reflected in the autumn collection of Giamba - the designers of the brand have created stylish sets for the fans of the Victorian style: multilayered skirt-pack of embossed guipure, tunic decorated with paillettes and massive shoes. The classic image also allows embroidery - especially if it's embossed overhead patterns on a tight jacket, like Dolce \u0026 Gabban. Such an outfit is perfect for office workdays and important business meetings.

Neo-Gothic at the Giamba show and monochrome elegance in the collections of Dolce \u0026 Gabban

Embroidery in the autumn wardrobe: examples of street style