H \u0026 M released a festive collection for those who love to shine everywhere and always. The ruler with the eloquent slogan Go Glam! is able to instantly raise the mood to the highest degree: colorful outfits from shimmering fabrics simply will not allow to fall into spleen. The capsule included things inspired by the shocking 80s, but at the same time - fully in line with modern fashion trends.

Promo Photo Go Glam! in social networks

On the threshold of Christmas parties, H \u0026 M offers sexy mini jersey with glitter coat, blouses and skirts decorated with paillettes, as well as dresses with sparkling jacquard pattern. The intensity of the festive radiance depends on the chosen outfit: subtle color changes, golden flashes or iridescent sparks. However, such a flashy decor does not look excessive: fabrics and textures are carefully chosen and harmoniously combined.

Jacquard with glossy ornament - a good choice for the New Year's image

"Glitter" outfits in the bowl Go Glam!

Lovers of minimalism will be a surprise: in the collection Go Glam! there are also more minimalistic sets. Black tuxes and red jumpsuits made of satin look more reserved and rigid, not yielding, however, the brilliant outfits in brightness and eccentricity.

Collection of Go Glam! already available for order on the official website of the brand.

Classics of youth solemn fashion from H \u0026 M