Fashionable results are announced, winter is running out - it's time to audit the spring wardrobe taking into account the latest trends. To perfectly seated jeans, mens-style shirts, jackets and skirts, designers suggest adding a couple of updates that will refresh the familiar image.

Effective tendencies in spring lu-bouquets haute couture

"Talking" T-shirt. The top with the inscription is a tribute to the "social" trend: the slogan does not just decorate, henceforth it - symbolizes, specifies, sneers or hints at tastes and preferences. Despite the "intellectual" decor, the T-shirt remains the basic component of any outfit: it can be safely combined not only with the usual jeans and leggings, but also with air skirts, trousers, silk and chiffon shorts. Nuance: The sweetshot is an unbeatable alternative to a T-shirt: it should also be combined with jackets and jackets, tucked under belts and belts, worn in pairs with shirts and T-shirts.

T-shirts with the inscriptions: the spring trend in the collections Hood By Air, Dior, Dolce \u0026 Gabbana, NóLó

Pink dress. No restrictions - this season, approved and coquettish soft-caramel baby doll, and sexy cases that flicker with neon shimmering, and frivolous bokh-sarafans in the floor with floral motifs. Nuance: pink + red is the most effective color combination on the runways.

Pink is the new black: feminine dresses from Hermès, chloé, Jeremy Scott, Bottega Veneta

Trench. Without it a couple of months, women of fashion can not do - fashion designers strongly recommend to look at the novelties already now. The classic raincoat has undergone some changes: in favor - unusual textures, non-standard colors, asymmetrical styles. But if you still prefer traditional trench - add bright accessories or jewelry. Nuance: at the height of popularity - cloaks with contrasting finish.

Stylish trenches from Prada, Burberry, Michael Kors