If You know that Your grandfather or grandmother were ethnic Germans, and You and Your parents in the documents listed other nationality. Where to find accurate information about your national identity?

The only solution is to go to the archives and search for documents.

The Germans living on the territory of the Russian Empire, often recorded birth, marriage, death in the Lutheran churches, which were quite small and documents which have been preserved very badly. First, however, you need to try to obtain an extract from the metrical books of the Lutheran Church is a direct confirmation of nationality.

If documents of the Lutheran parish are not preserved, the German nationality can also be confirmed with the help of metric books of Orthodox churches. If a person was a Lutheran or Greek Catholic, this was recorded in metric records of birth, marriage and death. Especially clearly recorded about the marriage. After the First World War, the Germans remained in Ukraine, Belorussia, and western regions of Russia. captured. They worked mainly in agriculture and in industrial enterprises. Many of them marriages with local natives - in such cases, the metric record of the marriage or the birth of the child stated: "a subject of the Autotro-Hungarian Empire," which is a confirmation of nationality.

Confirmation of nationality can be found in the most unexpected documents. For example, in the materials of one of the district committees of the trade union in 1921, a document was found: "Lists of persons of German nationality for registration with the district military commissariat". Such documentary evidence can also serve as an indirect confirmation of nationality.

If the initial search for metric books did not lead to success, then you need to study documents at the workplace: track records, alphabetical lists of employees, personal files. By the way, quite often in personal files are kept notarized copies of passports (especially when it comes to documents of the 50s of the last century), and in them nationality was indicated necessarily.