February 23 in many countries of the former Soviet UnionDefender of the Fatherland Day. Where did this holiday come from? How to celebrate it?

The history of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland has been more than 85 years old. As early as 1918, 15 (28 according to the new style) of January, a decree was passed on the creation of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army, and a little later, on January 29 (February 11), - a decree establishing the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Navy. Even then the idea of ​​establishing the Day of the Red Army was born, but as an agitation event. After all, then the army actually existed only on paper, it was necessary to somehow encourage the volunteers to enlist in the army.

Many years on February 23, as the Day of the Red Army,celebrated in honor of the victory in 1918 near Narva and Pskov over the German invaders. However, in 1918 and even later, in 1919, neither the newspapers nor the official authorities spoke of this victory. Already later - in 1922 - on February 23 began to officially celebrate as the Day of the Red Army.

But still in1933 year, in an article devoted to the 15th anniversary of the red Army, the people's Commissar K. Voroshilov expressed his doubts about the reality of the historical date of the holiday. But in the "History of the CPSU (b). Short course"   personally "the leader of the peoples" Joseph Stalin pointed out that under Pskov and Narva in 1918 "the German occupiers were resolutely repulsed. Their promotion was suspended. Day of rebuff to the troops of German imperialism - February 23 - was the birthday of the young Red Army. " Later, in1942   year, the paragraph about these events in the "History" was againedited   and now: "Young detachments of the Red Army, first joined the war, defeated the German invaders near Pskov and Narva on February 23, 1918. That is why the day of February 23 was declared the birthday of the Red Army. " Soviet propaganda simply needed to support the morale of the people, because the Great Patriotic War was going on.

With 1946 year, February 23 was celebrated as Day of the Soviet Army and Navy. Up until the collapse of the USSR, this holiday was a red day of the calendar and was marked by a military parade, salutes. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the holiday was preserved, in particular, in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, but alreadyas the defender of the Fatherland Day. In Russia 1995   February 23 is a non-working day, but in Ukraine and Belarus - no.

Now 23 February, is not associated nor with the red Army, nor any army at all. Now is men's day. in which it is customary to congratulate all close and dear men: husband, father, grandfather, son, friend, colleague. Today, February 23 is the "response" to the women's holiday - the International Women's Day. Women give their beloved men gifts, cards, arrange parties and shows for them. About,what can and should not be given to men on Defender of the Fatherland Day   You can read in our next articles.