How to spend an unforgettable Valentine's Day? Surely this question is asked by millions of couples worldwide. If Your house has come this wonderful holiday, it can be very beautiful and romantic to celebrate it. Give your loved one fairy tale, memories of which will warm You on cooler evenings.

You think to spend an evening the restaurant{!LANG-2a2e4312238e353faf7fa236923cf550!}

If the trip to the restaurant You can't afford the home with success can replace him themed dinner{!LANG-11b2d10945776660ffb298ea17adcc80!}

You love to be photographed? If Your half the lens not afraid, that she'll have a great time professional photo shoot{!LANG-ccc4046f9edc247969f13d563aa5c83f!}

Who has not heard about the wonderful properties of the baths! What if in a bath to invite a loved one{!LANG-d581cbe293faebc9b563ca95d335a742!}

A great gift for Valentine's Day can be a joint trip out of town. Clear house in a remote village, far from civilization and forget for a while about all the problems. Let all the troubles and sorrows stay there in the city. You like to feel in the past when doesn't know about mobile phones, computers, Internet. But if You are prepared to forgo the benefits of civilization, you can safely go to the camp. This "Lite"-version will definitely be pleased!

Horse ride{!LANG-aa1a655040ab91998caf07bf9b6d23db!}

Do you love sports?{!LANG-6301dca9d60861a9cf34f459bf14c78e!}

Remember the childhood and invite your loved one the circus or the zoo. You can also invite Your beloved to the cinema, theatre, even a Museum or planetarium. The main thing – that You two liked it. Besides, these treats are not very expensive and perfect for those who have a small budget.

And if Your "finances are singing romances", it does not mean the party's canceled! Urban fun contests and concerts in the open air{!LANG-c4d266240f5fb2af0316e12a6c8e6058!}