How to spend an unforgettable Valentine's Day? Surely this question is asked by millions of couples worldwide. If Your house has come this wonderful holiday, it can be very beautiful and romantic to celebrate it. Give your loved one fairy tale, memories of which will warm You on cooler evenings.

You think to spend an evening the restaurant  Is this already trivial? But if you season your romantic dinner with a drop of mystery and mystery, then you will get many new exciting experiences. Let your loved one receive an unusual invitation, for example, delivered by the "love mail". You can work as a postman for someone from friends or acquaintances, or you can even invite a special actor. You can not just hand in an invitation, but give an opportunity to your loved one to find the destination. Your tips will help him in this.

If the trip to the restaurant You can't afford the home with success can replace him themed dinner. Why not try yourself as an oriental seducer or a Japanese geisha? It is enough to add to your interior several relevant attributes (at least purely symbolic) and the festive atmosphere is ready. You can order several exotic dishes from the restaurant, or you can cook dinner on your own. Give your beloved oriental dance at your performance or hold a tea ceremony - it's up to your imagination!

You love to be photographed? If Your half the lens not afraid, that she'll have a great time professional photo shoot. which you can give her. Modern photo studios even offer special gift certificates for this. Professional photo session is an opportunity to try yourself as a model. In addition, the received photos will be an ornament of your home album. You can arrange a joint photo session too, because it's much more fun to take pictures together.

Who has not heard about the wonderful properties of the baths! What if in a bath to invite a loved one  for Valentine's Day? Moreover, now you can choose any bath to your taste: at least Turkish, at least Finnish, even Russian! In the bathhouse you can soak up a lot, and swim in the pool, soak in the whirlpool. Also in the bath you will be offered a hookah, drinks, massage. In a word - a real holiday of relaxation.

A great gift for Valentine's Day can be a joint trip out of town. Clear house in a remote village, far from civilization and forget for a while about all the problems. Let all the troubles and sorrows stay there in the city. You like to feel in the past when doesn't know about mobile phones, computers, Internet. But if You are prepared to forgo the benefits of civilization, you can safely go to the camp. This "Lite"-version will definitely be pleased!

Horse ride  - a real romantic adventure! If there is an equestrian club or equestrian center in your city or nearby, then you can book a horse ride on the Day of All Lovers. And it does not matter if you do not know how to ride. Instructors will help you: pick up the animal, teach the basics of riding. Well, if you do not want to ride, riding in a carriage or sleigh drawn by horses will also be a great gift. You can bring along a beautiful flask with tea, coffee or even champagne.

Do you love sports?  If you and your loved one have good sports training, then you can celebrate a holiday with a parachute jump, a walk on roller skates, a hike in the go-cart center. You can play billiards or bowling. And you can arrange competitions for your favorite sport or go to a football or basketball game of your favorite team. Do not be afraid that it is not romantic. According to psychologists, together experienced strong emotions bring together and exacerbate feelings of attachment.

Remember the childhood and invite your loved one the circus or the zoo. You can also invite Your beloved to the cinema, theatre, even a Museum or planetarium. The main thing – that You two liked it. Besides, these treats are not very expensive and perfect for those who have a small budget.

And if Your "finances are singing romances", it does not mean the party's canceled! Urban fun contests and concerts in the open air  will cost you completely free of charge, the main thing beforehand is to find out the time and place of their conduct.

In a word, you can always bring joy to your loved one, no matter how many coins ring in your pocket. You just have to look at the usual things differently and show imagination. In an extreme case, if you are not yet married, invite your lover to the registrar. Thrills are provided!