Rental housing is for many the only way to find a roof over your head. But in this difficult case and renters and landlords face many dangers. How to avoid fraud when renting an apartment?

To date, to find a rented apartment is easy enough - hundreds and thousands of the most diverse ads are in newspapers and magazines, on the Internet or just on poles and doors of entrances. You can also contact the real estate agency or a private realtor.

When looking for housing through an agency or a private realtor, there is always a risk of "running into" Kidalovo. There are many variants of this "kidalov". For example, realtors can take a prepayment from the tenant and disappear, they can rent the same apartment to ten tenants and, after taking the money, again disappear.

To protect yourself from this fraud, you should very carefully approach the choice of intermediaries, or extremely cautious to seek housing independently.

Proposals to pay a deposit before the housing is shown must be alerted. Particular vigilance should also be shown if the proposed price is much lower than the market average for this type of apartment - it is entirely possible that something is "unclean". It may be that this price is just a bait, in fact, the apartment is much more expensive.

When applying to a real estate office, you should collect as much information about it as possible. How long has the agency existed? How about it the owners of habitation, the former tenants respond? What documents confirm the legitimacy of the agency?

Also, be sure to find out for which services the agency takes payment. A bona fide agency will take its commission only after concluding an agreement between the tenant and the landlord. But it may happen that the potential tenant agency will offer only an information base with the addresses of the apartments that are being rented. True, how many of these addresses are real - this is a big question.

When self-searching for an apartment, the risk of running into scammers is even higher. For ads like "rent an apartment without intermediaries" may well hide those same intermediaries. Therefore, the first thing you need to demand from the prospective homeowners is a passport and documents for the right to own this housing.

If in the apartment other than the owner are also registered other persons, for example, members of the family, then they must give their consent to the lease, otherwise the transaction will not be considered lawful.

To date, the best and, in principle, the only way to protect yourself from apartment fraud is to conclude a written contract between the tenant and the landlord. At what legal force such a contract is received only after notarization by a notary.

In the contract of employment, which must be made between the landlord and the tenant of the habitation, should contain the passport data of both parties, the exact address of the apartment, which is rented, the rental period, the rental price and manner of payment (monthly, prepaid, etc.). Also in the contract it is necessary to prescribe responsibility for the condition of the apartment and the property, indicate who is the tenant or the landlord will pay the utility bills.

It is recommended to additionally indicate in the contract persons who will live in an apartment with the employer, describe the conditions for possible apartment repairs.

The more possible disputable issues will be covered in the contract, the less problems will arise in conflict situations. Therefore, the contract should regulate even visits by the owner of the apartment to check the order. So, usually the owner of the apartment visits her about once a month, having previously agreed with the tenant.

During a meeting with a potential landlord, you should ask him about the terms of employment in great detail, and any inaccuracies should be clarified immediately. You can ask the landlord to give the phone numbers of his former tenants and neighbors and ask them about this apartment.

When the apartment is selected, the contract is concluded, it is required to make an advance payment. Money should be given only on receipt - otherwise it will be impossible to prove later that the landlord has received the money, it will be impossible.

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actually reduce the risk of fraud on the part of the landlord when renting an apartment requesting an extract from the Unified state custom on register of rights to immovable property. It will contain the real owner of the apartment, as well as any encumbrances on the apartment is (pledge, mortgage). To make a statement either in person at the building or online. After receipt of the statement to enter into a lease it is necessary from a person specified in the statement.

On sale somewhere else-anywhere you need realtors, although their level in the mass, such that it would be easier without them. But the lease. This is pure parasitism and sabotage. Just cluttering the market of non-existent objects in order to disguise the lessor and arrendataria from each other.
I myself rent an apartment and have to periodically move, the benefit found for myself on which the best selection of options without a commission. And if I every time also to the realtor of 50-70% of the commission unfastened - that in general "without pants" remained.

Alexander, you say bullshit) If you are constantly moving - it means you are not very lucky with the options, is not it? And we here through "Realtcom-M" have examined possible options and we have been renting this property for 4 years without the slightest censure. And the agency is absolutely not a pity, especially when you see how often now people lose money and face swindlers.

There is no need to dwell on any one agency - its services simplify the task, but reduce the scope of the search.