1 Jul 2010 professional architects celebrate their holiday – the world Day of the architect. This holiday established by the International Union of architects (UIA) and is celebrated since 1985.

International Union of architects was officially registered in 1948, but the idea of ​​its creation was born two years earlier - in September 1946. Post-war disruption and economic decline demanded the unification of efforts of people of all countries and nations affected by the war, to restore favorable living conditions for people, to restore monuments of architecture, religious buildings.

Since 1985, the World Day of the Architect (Architecture) was celebrated annually on the first Monday of July. However, in1996 year on the 20th meeting of the Supreme body of the ISA – the General Assembly of the MSA – was taken the decision to postpone the celebration of the world Day of the architect on the first Monday of October to mark the world day housing.

In connection with the transfer of the celebration of the world Day of the architect caused confusion. Some sources consider professional architect's Day and world Day of architecture in two separate occasion and offer to mention them separately: 1 July – day of the architect, the first Monday of October – world architecture Day.

In particular, in Ukraine at the state level there is a separate holiday Day of architecture of Ukraine. It is celebrated on July 1 as World Architecture Day "in the old way". This holiday was established by the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 456/95 of June 17, 1995. According to this decree, on the Day of Architecture of Ukraine, the awarding and awarding of State Prizes of Ukraine in the field of architecture is traditionally held.

But, anyway, Day of the architect is an important and significant holiday not only for professional architects, but for all connoisseurs of architecture. After all, architecture is an art that can carry the creative image created by the author, through many centuries. And nowadays we are amazed at the amazing beauty of the majestic pyramids, admire the Roman Coliseum, the inclined Leaning Tower of Pisa and many other monuments of the world that have become a real treasure of all mankind.