The ability to lie – one of the hallmarks of the human race. The psychology of lies studied by many scientists-psychologists all over the world for many years, but has not found the means to give an absolute answer: the man is lying or not.

The psychology of lies the subject of many books. including the acclaimed book of the same name of the famous Professor of psychology at the University of California Paul Ekman. Psychology of lies examines the mechanism of lies, a manifestation of the lie in speech, gestures, facial expressions of a person, examines the causes that motivate a person to lie. Of course, one of the most interesting areas of psychology lies is finding the means to detect lies and deceit.

Most scientists agree: there is no such person who could 100% hide the truth – simply, there are people not noticing manifestations of lying. Meanwhile a basic knowledge of psychology lies just need in today's business world. with its strict laws and regulations.

Let's give an example of several typical signs of lies that will help to determine whether a person is telling the truth.

So, liar very often give his eyes. The fact that the "running" eyes - it's almost a direct signal of lies, they know, probably, even schoolchildren. But the fact that the pupils of the eyes react to the lies in a special way is not known to such a wide circle of people.

Manage your pupils cannot. but because of their expansion or narrowing, depending on the emotions experienced, the head gives out a liar. For example, if a person experiences joy, positive emotions - his pupils expand, and with negative emotions, the pupils, on the contrary, narrow.

Therefore it is useful to look closely into the eyes of the interlocutor and notice: is he so happy, as he says about it? Or can the interlocutor talk in a listless voice about the business proposal, and his eyes are already "burning"?

To detect signs of lies, you can also by gesturing the interlocutor.  The person who lies, involuntarily brings his hand to his mouth, as if trying to contain untruthful words.

If the person covering hand mouth. thumb pressed to his cheek is one of the most obvious signs of lying. Less noticeable sign is scratching or stroking his nose. The rubbing of the eyelids can also testify to lies.

A lie can cause a light itching sensation in the muscles of the face and neck. This explains the often strong desire of the liar to scratch their nose pinned collar dress shirt or loosen the tie.

Scientists studying the psychology of lying, inclined to believe that it is possible to test the sincerity of people looking at the left side of his face. The point is that the left brain is responsible for intellectual activity and speech, while for the emotions, imagination and sensory activity is the right one.

As you know, the right hemisphere of the brain controls the left "half" of a person. That's why emotions in the left half of the face is harder to control. Moreover, the greatest difference is observed when negative emotions are manifested - the positive faces of both "halves" are displayed identically.

How to recognize a lie by knowing these features? If a person lies, his hidden true emotions can "break" out on the left side.

In psychology, lies in addition to the facial expressions of liars are studied and the motion of their limbs, a characteristic posture. So, if the person is telling the truth, his facial expressions and gestures are synchronous. otherwise the person first reproduces the gesture, and only then the facial expression.

Man speaks the truth, can't sit still in one place.  He tries to "settle" on a chair or sofa, pins on buttons, sorts out small items in his hands. Smoking liars smoke after time, "glasses" - now and then wipe their glasses.

Identifying the above signs in each case, it should be remembered that some gestures, eye movements, posture can be only individual features of each person. Moreover, the result of the definition of a lie will be more accurate, if we evaluate not their individual characteristics, but their totality.

So experts on the psychology of lie advise you to pay attention. Is such a suspicious behavior typical for the interlocutor? It's one thing, if the interlocutor is left-handed and gestures with his left hand are familiar to him. The situation is quite different when the right-handed man suddenly starts actively gesticulating with his left hand - this is an occasion to ponder.

In addition, experts on the psychology of lying is also recommended to treat unbiased source. not accusing him of lying just because it is something was not to their liking.

If a person is pressed specifically, then the command will narrow and widen the pupils, count your nose, run your eyes, etc.

Whatever you need to control yourself, you need to train for a long time. There are so-called emotion triggers (the Irritants of our feelings say so) that trigger on the basic stimuli in 0.12 seconds, during which time you already think and act not based on your senses, but on what emotion you experience anger, joy, sadness, etc. To be able to control and ask yourself the question "Do I want to act in the burst of my emotions?" I need to train a lot. I get meditation, and not everyone can.

Even for me it's hard (with) Dalai Lama

"Emotions on the left side of the face are more difficult to control. And the greatest difference is observed with the manifestation of negative emotions "- that agrees with it 100%. As 2 times I got in 2 different situations. In the first I was pressed by old acquaintances (in a bad sense of the word) I was really scared and I started to twitch the left eyelid in this connection. And in the second case I was walking in a strange area, local guys came to me and 2 of my friends, I really wanted to start a fight because they were wrong, but I knew that I was not a local and my friends still live and live there, and after it would not be worth fighting there, but my face betrayed me - my left upper lip began to rise (as when grinning), I was pressed for it, but for that - it was worth it.

a kak uznat 'ljet li chelovek po pocherku?

# Marina
  maybe, if he believes in his own lies, then no one will declassify him

Such can only addicts or dreamers!

A person can be genuinely confident in something, because he himself did not recognize the lie and reproduces it as truth, and not because of mental deviations. Many misconceptions remain from childhood, when parents try to explain to a child complex things in plain language or invent an acceptable answer. For example, recently my quite adult and adequate 20-year-old friend told me that dragons exist. ) Of course, this is not true, and we easily found out, but the person sincerely believed in it, so it would hardly have been possible to convict him of lying on the indicated grounds.

# Marina
  maybe, if he believes in his own lies, then no one will declassify him

Such can only addicts or dreamers!

If a person genuinely believes in what he says, no one will declassify him, because he thinks he is telling the truth. This is not necessarily related to mental disorders. Many false beliefs remain from childhood, when parents tried to explain to a child complex things in simple words or invented convenient answers. For example, recently my quite adequate acquaintance was proving to me that dragons existed in the Middle Ages, because in her childhood this belief was not debunked, and she was quite safely alive until she was 20 years old. We quickly decided to debate, but it would hardly have been possible to convict her of lying.

snipers, agents trained to easily kill their broken nervous system can because of this?

I quote the enemy of the people:

snipers,agents trained easily kill them disturbed nervous system maybe because of this?

Strangely, why do you think that snipers and agents are disturbed by the nervous system, if they can kill? In nature, this is considered quite normal, but the disturbance of the psyche occurs precisely when people are forced to do something that for them it is naturally bad, for example, here death is natural for all living things, but we consider this to be bad, bad, and from this we torture ourselves each time as we collide with it. Now they will begin to say that this distinguishes us from animals, but if honestly the more developed society is, the more bans in it, and the more sickly people mentally, the brain simply does not understand on the one hand what the organism requires, on the other it is impossible, and everything is a closure.

Lying is easy if you believe yourself. For this you need to develop a special psychology I have. Beskonechnoe there are many variants of what is happening and I talk about this in the end, it's not my fault that in this world otogo no, but somewhere there. From this it follows that to lie is impossible, at least to me everything I said is true. What unbelievable nonsense I wouldn't have carried.
(Maybe I'm crazy, but I've never lied in my life, well, from my theory.)

About the management of the pupils. a person can expand their pupils but alas the current is not available to many as it wiggles the ears))))