The repairs or move to a new apartment is always a holiday. If you are invited to a housewarming, not to come empty-handed. How to choose a gift for a housewarming. tell you the Land of Soviets.

The choice of housewarming gift depends on the size of the housing.   Inhabitants of a small apartment should not give bulky gifts like large flowers in flowerpots or floor vases, much more appropriate will be pretty small knickknacks. But in a large private house you can buy something dimensional, if this house also has a garden, it will be appropriate to garden sculptures and ornamental plants for the garden.

Choosing a housewarming gift, keep in mind that first of all it must be practical,   especially if the family is young. Of course, furniture and expensive household appliances are usually given by relatives and very close friends, but utensils or a set of towels will never be superfluous. Expensive gifts do not necessarily, but still try to make your gift useful, and not just collecting dust on the shelf.

A very nice gift for housewarming a set of tools.   In a new apartment they are needed on the farm quite often: you need to hang a shelf, and collect the furniture, and nail the picture under the picture.

Always handy in the house tableware and kitchenware.   The most common gifts for a housewarming are tea and coffee sets, sets of pots and pans, glasses, dessert dishes, vases for sweets and fruits, salad bowls. Any hostess will be happy with a variety of saltcellars, peppermints, jars for spices and cereals. You can give a housewarming cloth tablecloth and napkins for table layout. If the mistress of the house likes to bake, as a gift for a housewarming variety of forms for baking.

If you have the opportunity, can give newcomers something cheap household appliances:   an iron, an electric kettle or a coffee grinder. But when buying these gifts, it is better to consult the rest of the guests: if two services can be used, then two irons in the house are usually of no use.

A very useful gift for a housewarming is towels, blankets and bedding sets.   It is better to choose bed linen from natural fabrics, but not from silk - it is expensive, but uncomfortable in everyday use. Where better to stop on cotton or flax. As a gift for a housewarming and soft cushions. You can give a warm duvet or a nice soft carpet.

Settlers are not only family, but loners, they embark on a new life after graduation, or divorce. In this case, the household appliances, utensils and other things needed in the economy will be even more appropriate. A woman or young girl will be pleased with the things that create comfort in the house. If the owner is engaged in needlework – give her a basket for needlework. The lone man to give for a housewarming things to facilitate self-management of the economy.

Many traditional housewarming gifts has its symbolism. Happiness and wealth   symbolizes the horseshoe (in the souvenir shop you can buy a charm in the form of a horse horseshoe), a money tree (alive or sculptured), a bowl (only full - at least symbolically put a few sweets into it, for example).

Watches – a symbol of change.   They are very appropriate as a gift for a housewarming party. You can give a wall, floor, desktop clock - the choice is limited only by your imagination and finances.

Plants   provide the house with positive energy and purify the air. But you need to choose them carefully. When choosing a houseplant as a gift, consider whether new settlers can devote sufficient time to caring for plants and whether they have any allergies. If you know that there are already houseplants in the new apartment, you can donate a pot or flower pot - sooner or later they will have to be transplanted, and then your gift will certainly come in handy.

Our ancestors believed that every house has a keeper. which protects him from adversity. Often the keeper appeared in the image of a pet. Of course, to give a real animal is not worth it, it's too specific gift, which not everyone will like. But you can buy a statuette in the form of a guardian animal as a gift for housewarming. It can be a cock, a hen, a cat or a dog - all these animals have traditionally been considered home guardians.

As symbols of hearth and home. bringing home the warmth and comfort you can give the settlers any lighting – sconces, floor lamps, lamps, candlesticks and candles. A symbol of harmony – water, so a good housewarming gifts can become a mini-fountains and water landscapes. To give an aquarium with fish is only in the case that you are 100% sure that the newcomers will be delighted with this gift.

Also popular housewarming gifts   are mats in the hallway, housekeeper and keychains, original photo frames and other items for decorating the interior.

To choose a good gift for a housewarming is not so difficult - just think that it can be useful to this family or new settler, and then start from your financial capabilities.