In recent times people increasingly prefer electronic media, but, contrary to predictions, the usual paper books are still not obsolete. Many people have their own library – large or not. Order the book lasts as long as possible and remained in perfect condition, is very important the correct care books.

Care books can be divided into several categories:   The storage of books, the use of books and the restoration of books. Proper storage of books is a pledge not only for their safety, but for your health, because nothing collects dust like books.

Care books starts with the right the choice of a place to store them.   First of all, the books need to be sorted, sorted into groups (by authors, genres, size - as you will be more convenient). Books that you will not read, set aside. They should not be thrown away, it is better to send them to the local library - they will be happy to replenish the fund. Tattered books that need a mini-restoration, also postpone and deal with them later.

Books afraid of direct sunlight, therefore, shelves and shelves is better to install perpendicular to the window. For lighting it is better to use incandescent lamps: they will not harm the books. Proper care of books is also correct their positioning.   Tom can not be put too tightly. It is better not to put books in two rows, even if you want to save space: the back row will have nothing to "breathe", and there will accumulate more dust. Getting the book off the shelf, do not take it by the spine - it can tear. Books should stand upright. If there is not enough space on the shelf, make sure that they do not stand at an angle.

Not to be confused in your library, arrange the books according to a certain order and make a catalog of books.   Fortunately, the computer allows you to keep it in electronic form, so you do not have to allocate a place at home for boxes with a file cabinet.

Books afraid of dust and moisture.   Therefore, it is better to store them not on open shelves, but in a closet or on a rack with doors. For the same reason, the care of books provides for regular airing of the room. Also, books are afraid of tobacco smoke. Wipe the books from dust 2-3 times a year, using a vacuum cleaner and a well wrung out wet cloth for this. It is necessary to wipe and bookshelves, and if they are closed with glasses - wash the glass. The best conditions for storing books are temperatures of 18-20 ° C at 50-60% humidity. If the books are still damp, ventilate the cabinets and wipe the books with a soft dry cloth.

When reading we should not forget about the care of books.   Always use bookmarks. For these purposes, you can not use foreign objects and even more so bend the corners of the pages. So that when reading does not stain the cover, wrap the book in polyethylene or paper. You can not take the book with dirty hands, read for food. In no case can you tear out pages and write on them, even with a pencil. It is best to read books on a hard surface. Do not try to open the book all 180 degrees - the binding can not stand.

If your book still had some trouble, it is worth remembering about the third component of the care of books - the restoration of books. Of course, professional restoration of the books to you not under force, but to the ordinary reader it is not beyond the aspect of caring for books as removing stains. Grease spots can be displayed with gasoline or mixtures of gasoline and powdered soap, or burnt magnesia. A fresh stain is dry you can sprinkle crushed chalk and iron iron through the white paper. Spots of rust can be removed with citric acid. Mold displayed with the help of ammonia or 2-3% solution of formalin, and the remaining stain can be removed with hydrogen peroxide. Stains from fingers should be cleaned with soap and water, then clean with a damp cloth. Page needs to dry between sheets of tissue paper. Any stains should be removed carefully to avoid damage to the text!

In the care of the books you need to protect them from harmful insects. If you notice that the bookshelves are riddled with little tenants, collect the books in plastic bags and put drugs in them from moths. In advanced cases you can use the pesticides. The remaining stains from insects can be removed with the aid of a spirit vinegar, a 9% solution of acetic acid or of a mixture of glycerin and ammonia (4:1 by weight). Cotton swab dipped in liquid, gently wipe the contaminated area washed with warm water and dried between sheets of blotting paper under light pressure.

Restoration of books that fall under the water   is performed as follows. The book is placed in a warm and dry room, which is well ventilated. Code book dry up, but does not dry completely, it is placed under the press. The pasted sheets are neatly separated with a ruler, the wet ones are shifted with tissue paper. A day later, do not dry the sheets iron iron through a filter paper.

Wrinkled page books iron iron between sheets of white paper. Iron must not be hot! If page is torn,   glue it with tissue paper.

To ensure that your books serve you faithfully, you need the right care of books. If something has happened to the book, and you need to return it to its original appearance - the restoration of books at home will come to the aid.

Thank you very much for your advice, something like that comes up, but we have a hard case with a school book. I do not know where to write, I write here. The child wet the book heavily in the rain, all. For a long time I was silent when I found her, she was still wet, all crumpled, and black spots appeared on her, a lot. I think it's mold. In a panic I put it on the battery, it dried up, but the mold and the crumpled sheets do not know how to fix it. The book is expensive, and is sold only in two parts (not separately). I beg you, help me fix it though, please. If possible, give an answer as soon as possible, the book should have already been handed over.

Julia, mold on books is removed using an aqueous solution of formaldehyde (formalin). You need to dilute it with water, moisten a gauze or cotton swab and gently squeeze them to remove mold. To smear or RUB mold in the page can not be! Then place the pot to be processed again with a new tampon.
To align the sheets, try putting a book under the press, but there are no guarantees – if the book originally was dried incorrectly, you might not be able to return to her previous form.

Thank you very much, advise where you can buy formalin. About the press: the book is dry, do not need to moisturize?

Julia, formalin is sold in pharmacies. As it is a potent substance, it can not sell without a prescription, then you can try formaldehyde preparations (for example, balusters: stone) or ammonia.
You do not need to moisturize the book, you can only make it worse.

Another question: how many hours of water dilute formalin?