On the last Sunday of October in many countries set the clock back one hour for daylight saving time. Why the transfer clock to winter time. will tell you the country of the Soviets.

The idea of the clocks to save daylight for the first time came up with the new Zealand entomologist George Vernon Hudson. Actively trying to bring it to life and the English William Willett. which is mistakenly considered the sole inventor of summer time. In 1905, early in the morning, William drove through London. The sun was shining with might and main, but the city was still sleeping peacefully. Then William thought about what a large part of the daylight we spend on sleep. Willett, a great lover of being outdoors, thought this was simply an unthinkable waste.

In 1907 he published in a British newspaper article "On the squandering of daylight  ". In it, he suggested every Sunday in April to translate the clock for 20 minutes (in the sum by the end of the month, 1 hour and 20 minutes was added to the time of the day), and in September to translate the clock back. But his proposal was met rather coolly, and in 1915 Willett died of the flu, never realizing it.

However, on 30 April, 1916, the first country that supported the clock, was Germany. It was the height of the First World War, and prolonging the daylight hours due to the translation of the clock helped to reduce the consumption of coal. The example of Germany was followed by her allies.

Soon to translate the clock started and other countries. In 1917 they were joined by Russia, and a year – United States. In Russia summer time called "maternity  "Because it was introduced on June 1, 1917, by a decree of the Provisional Government. December 22, 1917 decree Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR again transferred the clock - now an hour ago. Until 1930, the clock was not transferred to the USSR, and in 1930 the mint was introduced again. On April 1, 1981, the Council of Ministers of the USSR, by its Resolution, introduced the translation of the clock for summer time. But the transition was carried out not with respect to the belt time, but relative to the maternity time, so the difference between summer and lap time in Russia was not 1 hour, but 2.

Now the clock is translated to winter time inthe last Sunday of October (this year – October 30). Despite the fact that many of us convert the clock in the evening before going to bed or in the morning when you get up, there is a clear time of the clock. In Russia until recently, watches were transferred to 3 a.m., in Ukraine – 4 hours. The total time required, in particular, in order to maintain the schedule of trains is a night train departing daylight saving time at the destination will arrive in the winter, but according to the schedule. Watch never translated in only one organization The mission control center (MCC). Complex configuration of the computer complex simply did not allow this, so the MCC lived all year round in winter Moscow time.

The main motive of the transfer clock to winter time electricity savings.  The transition to winter time allows us to save about 2% of electricity annually. Most of the European countries, the USA, Australia, Paraguay, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil and some other countries transfer the clock to winter time. Do not use the summer time and, accordingly, do not reverse the transition to winter time near the equatorial countries, Japan, China, South Korea, etc.

In fact, the "winter time" – the term is informal, it is so named by analogy with summer. Making the transfer clock to winter time, people, in fact, return to standard time, normal for their geographic location. However, this expression has already managed to take root in the language. In order to remember exactly how daylight saving in winter and summer, you can use a mnemonic device, acronym "ВВ ОО » – «spring ahead, fall back ».

Around the clock to winter time, the debate continues. Say that he was not particularly helps to save electricity, because it is in any case very actively used. They say that the body, especially for children, it is very difficult to switch from the transfer clock to winter time. They say that the transition to winter time is beneficial only to drug manufacturers, because it leads to health problems. Yes, a lot of what they say.

In Russia, for example, from the transition to winter time was abandoned. In spring 2011, the clock moved forward an hour, and now the country will live for summer time, winter not coming back. In the Ukraine October 30, 2011 there will be the last transition to winter time. and the Ukrainians will be living at the time. So now the time difference between Kiev and Moscow will be two hours instead of one hour as before. If in your country still go on winter time don't forget October 30, translate the clock back one hour!

Well Done President! Respect and uvazhuha!
And those morons that the crap on the forums is probably a redneck nor give nor take! Watch I moved TWO HOURS AHEAD!
Is it cool that in the winter Wake up and the day is over? Someone like that in 15-30 (for instance, in Kazan) it's DARK? By the way, it increases the activity of criminals. And even people from work before dark and have time to get in the bedroom areas, without much straining.
Honor to you and Praise, Dmitry Anatolyevich, most of the country for you.

Gets Alexey Fedorovich

The country must live by winter time. Must translate in October for an hour back. And leave the clock alone forever.

I am for the return of the winter time!
So how does this impact because of not zasypaniya on my health!

The so-called "winter" time is the biological time, which was before the decree on the translation of the clock. Therefore, I am for returning to the dodecretary "winter" time. And the regions where it's early to get dark let them live for the "summer" time.

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