On November 17 the world celebrates International students ' day. This is the day of solidarity of students of all countries. Despite the fact that it's a fun holiday, he was preceded by tragic events.

International students ' day was established in 1941 in London at an international meeting of students fighting against fascism. According to others, this holiday was established in 1946 at the world Congress of students in Prague. Anyway, international students ' day is celebrated in honor of the victims of Czech students-patriots .

Czechoslovakia was one of the first countries occupied by the Nazis in autumn 1939, at the beginning of the Second world war. October 28, 1939, was celebrated the 21st anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia, so teachers and students took to the streets of Prague to hold a demonstration in honor of this date. The demonstration was dispersed by the invaders, shooting at the same Jan Opletal  - student of the medical faculty.

November 15 was held the funeral of Jan Opletal, developed into a protest. The occupants were arrested dozens of demonstrators, and in the morning surrounded the student dormitories. In total arrested more than 1,200 students and sent them to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Prison in Ruzin (one of the districts of Prague) without a trial was executed nine students and activists of the student movement. After this event, Hitler ordered the closure of all higher educational institutions in Czechoslovakia. In memory of this, the International Students' Day is celebrated.

In the Czech Republic the international students ' day is also the Day of the fight of students for freedom and democracy. People bring flowers and candles to the street Folk in Prague on the morning of November 17. The President of Ukraine in 1999 decreed the 17th of November, and National student day. Generally in the post-Soviet space traditionally celebrated for two days student International students ' day 17 November and the day of St. Tatiana on January 25. It turns out a student's day before the winter session and one after.

In addition to the International day of students in almost every country have their own student holiday. For example, Tatiana day  was originally a celebration of Moscow University students, after all, on January 25, 1755, Empress Elizaveta Petrovna founded the Moscow University at the request of Count Shuvalov. Over time, Ukrainian and Russian students began to consider this day as their holiday (this happened around the 2nd half of the XIX century), and Saint Tatyana is considered the patroness of students.

In Greece  students on November 7 celebrate Polytechne. On this day in 1973, student demonstrations took place, during the suppression of which hundreds of students were arrested. According to official data, there were no casualties, but in fact more than 1,000 people were injured, and 24 students were killed.

In Finland May 1 celebrate students Vappu. On this day graduates of high schools receive the student's cap, which symbolizes their new status. On 30 April, the President congratulates the students, and the party begins.

In Harvard University in the USA students festival is celebrated in February. Here is a theatrical performance called “Hasty Pudding”. Traditionally, this dish was brought to the meetings of the student club since 1795. This large and cheerful holiday is a carnival with a costume parade. Both women's and men's roles are performed exclusively by men - after all, at Harvard, women were not allowed to study.

Despite the sad events, after which was established the international students ' day to mourn this day is not worth it. In every country and even in each University the international students ' day is celebrated differently. but certainly fun and in a big way. And even if you have long been out of college, this is an occasion to once again recall the carefree years spent at the university.