Social network Vkontakte (VKontakte) – the most famous in Runet social network. Here users can chat with friends, share photos, music and videos. How to download music from VKontakte?

Download music from VKontakte in several ways.   One of them is similar to the way of downloading a YouTube video mentioned in the previous materials. It is enough to access the browser cache to view (and in this case - listen) the required file.

Download music from VKontakte will help special add-on to browsers – plug-ins.   So, for example, for the Mozilla FireFox browser there is a Download Vkontakte plugin and the Download Helper plugin, which is suitable not only for downloading music from VKontakte, but also for other purposes. There are also multi-browser plug-ins, such as VKSaver.

After installing one of the plug-ins to the music files VKontakte added buttons "Save" or similar, allowing you to save audio files on the user's local computer.

Among desktop programs, allowing you to download music from Vkontakte, known, for example, the program VKMusic.   After installing this program on the local computer, you should run it and log in using the credentials of your VKontakte profile. If you do not login, the program will work in demo mode.

In the main window you should enter the name of the desired song (or artist), then click the "Search" – the results will be similar to the results of the search of audio files in the Vkontakte. Remains in the results list to find the desired song and click "download". The audio file is saved on the local computer.

Download music from VKontakte, you can also using the special javascript-code.   Here is an example of a working code for downloading music from Vkontakte:

On the research page of audio recordings Vkontakte insert this code into your browser's address bar and press "Enter". After this, pressing the "Play" button will initiate downloading the selected audio file to the local computer.

Likewise, there is also this code.

The result of this code on the search page formed direct links to download files. Clicking on the link, you can download the file to your computer.

Note. These javascript codes are tested for Mozilla FireFox. Remember, You are using the programs and codes at your own risk. The land of the Soviets is not responsible for any harm to Your computer with the above programs and codes. Highly recommend to enable antivirus protection for Your computer with the above programs and codes!