{!LANG-742dbd5675c7ac98d125ce823741de9e!} one of the most famous national holidays of the United States. Although Thanksgiving is celebrated also in Canada, it is the tradition of American thanksgiving so familiar to us by Hollywood films.

The history of Thanksgiving{!LANG-931bc6f3d7f6f41acbc1592f68514884!}

The pilgrim fathers arrived in North America in November 1620{!LANG-c3c82429d5b381ddeb9a23c2271c329c!}

Next autumn, 1621{!LANG-46eecf6155b9e3fe56f89c286beefcd2!}

Until 1941, Thanksgiving was celebrated in different ways. The date of celebration was set for November 26, the last or next to last Thursday of November. Finally, in 1941, the bill of Congress about the celebration of Thanksgiving each fourth Thursday of November{!LANG-e6d1c6cdb33a5870f8189efe5a3b937d!}

Thanksgiving is associated with many traditions. Holy stored in each American family. Thanksgiving for a cozy and rich table are about all the family members: young and old. To the table served stuffed Turkey, constant sweet pumpkin pie, potatoes, corn on the cob, apples, nuts, as hundreds of years ago. Gathered around the table thanking each other, thank the Lord. The whole family rejoices lived another year and the hopes no less happily live next year.

On Thanksgiving Day in US cities are colorful parades, bright colors erupt in the sky fireworks.{!LANG-646ca507664e14538c9f7036b3c0aef7!}

On Thanksgiving, at least one Turkey should be pardoned{!LANG-ec57ab9d6b392091808a15648a9ce33d!}

The most famous Thanksgiving Day parade is the Macy's parade. held annually in new York since 1927. Participate in procession of colorfully dressed actors, a huge inflatable cartoon characters, comics. Often invited to the parade and Hollywood stars.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of Christmas sales.{!LANG-958b3cd0ca269303678a59ecc5580865!}

Thanksgiving is considered an American national holiday and is very revered in the United States.