"Black Friday" (black friday) – traditionally referred to in the U.S. after Thanksgiving day. It on Black Friday all the shops, supermarkets, shopping centers are beginning huge sale. there are discounts of up to 80% of the original cost of the goods.

The custom to begin the pre-Christmas sale on this day was established in the nineteenth century, and the the term "black Friday" appeared in 60-ies  last century. There are several versions of the origin of such a name.

According to one of these versions, Friday is called "black" because of the huge profits that traders received on that day. Traditionally, losses in accounting books were recorded in red ink, while revenues were black. Thus, the term "black Friday" symbolizes income: in the books on this day will be black-black.

According to the second version, "Black Friday" is named because of the huge traffic jams on the roads: millions of Americans after the Thanksgiving Day are rushing to sell, returning home from other cities, etc. In this sense, "Black Friday" is a symbol of problems for road service workers, policemen.

Than the famous "black Friday"? On this day all the shops are open 5-6 a.m. and some start at midnight. The biggest discounts will get only the first dozens or hundreds of the lucky ones, so the line is close to the shops lined up in advance. The most "extreme" customers take place almost a day before the sale.

Those wishing to purchase goods with a big discount in black Friday have to be careful.  In the heat of excitement, buyers push each other apart - you can even get injured.

In addition, buying excitement can play with a person a cruel joke. It is on such sales that the most unnecessary things are often bought, albeit not very expensive.

How profitable to buy goods in the "black Friday"?

It is noteworthy that sales are organized not only in traditional stores but also in online stores. No need to stand in long queues in front of the supermarket or Mall. No need to push, to squeeze through to the checkout. To buy goods with a good discount you can easily, without even leaving home.

"Black Friday" in online stores can begin even a little earlier than "offline".  Sales will start on Thursday and end only on Sunday. Therefore, every Internet buyer can have time to buy the necessary goods at a discount.

To buy goods in Internet-stores of America in black Friday, you can alone or through a special intermediary companies. such as RusBid. Employees of RusBid are preparing for an extended working day on Friday, on Saturday - to provide everyone with an opportunity to buy goods at the discounts of "Black Friday".