Because according to some versions of the upcoming 2011 is the year of the Cat, and the children's matinee, and at the party-masquerade it is appropriate to look Christmas cat suit. Moreover, the choice is wide — it could be black cat, and the cat Basilio, and puss in boots, and even Catwoman.

Costume black cat

To sew the easiest costume   black cat, take a tight black turtleneck and trousers, leggings or a short skirt - also black. Sew a tail of fur to the skirt or trousers behind. To sew a tail, cut out of the artificial fur a narrow rectangle and sew it around the edges. It can be filled with a light sintepon, pieces of foam rubber or cotton wool. If you want the tail not to hang down, but stand a pipe, make for it a wireframe of thick wire. Complete the suit with black gloves and cat's ears - they can be attached to the rim of the hair in the same way as when making a rabbit costume. And do not forget makeup - a black nose and a cat's mustache.

The costume of the cat Basilio

Looks spectacular Christmas costume cat Basilio — especially if he has a pair in the form of a Fox. As the basis for the suit   dark trousers will approach, to them - a black shirt or a turtleneck. Any footwear is best if it is not completely new and worn, for example, old shoes or black sneakers. Now this basic outfit needs to be supplemented with details and accessories to create the image of Cat Basilio.

On a shirt or turtleneck wear some old vest. pre-sewing to him patches and colored pieces of artificial fur. The more careless and messy the patches are sewn, the better. In principle, you can do without a vest, if it's really hard to get it, but with it the image will be much more convincing.

On my head to wear a dark men's hat. Best of all, if she was old and worn-out. If you do not mind — field cut in several places. On the neck is worn a black bow tie, hand, old, dark gloves with holes and cut fingers. Well what cat Basilio without glasses. For this costume you will need small round black glasses, which need to be moved to the very tip of the nose.

And the final touch — plate of bits of a cardboard box or piece of thick paper. Need crooked and many mistakes to write: "Alms for the poor blind cat" and hang a sign around your neck. Well, grim, of course, drawn cat whiskers. Christmas costume cat Basilio is ready!

Costume Puss in boots

Another fabulous fancy dress costume this Christmas costume of Puss in boots. For him you will need   a cat mask (you can buy it ready in the store), a wide-brimmed hat decorated with a feather, a toy sword, a short raincoat, gloves with cuffs, spurs, shoes with bows and boots, collar, tail, bright jacket, dark trousers and satin ribbons.

The basis of the suit   - black trousers and a bright jacket. The color of the jacket can be any - green, blue, red. The brighter, the better. On the sides of trousers, sew long ribbons in the tone of the jacket.

The tail is made of a dense white paper. It should be glued in two layers. To make a collar, fold twice the white corrugated paper, pull the double thread along the top of the collar and pull it down.

It is best to put on this costume some bright shoes (yellow, green or redboots. They are cut from heavy paper or thin cardboard, and the top plastered with colored paper to match the shoes. The top of the treads decorated with lace cut paper. On each Shoe buckle is attached a cardboard with a bow in a contrasting color.

Spurs cut out of cardboard and glue foil or metallic paper. Wear white gloves with attached cuffs from paper lace. The cloak for this costume need shortened, it is best to make it from a square of fabric bright colors — it is best if it is a contrast relative to the color of the jacket. Finishing touch   - a cat mask, a wide-brimmed hat with a feather and a toy sword.

Actually, these are just a few variants of how you can make a New Year's costume of a cat with your own hands. Using a variety of basic elements and combining them with various accessories and an unusual make-up, you can create an infinite number of variations of the cat costume.