Christmas wreath is a traditional decoration in many countries, it is slowly becoming popular among us. Is it possible to make Christmas wreath with their hands. Of course, you can! How? Read more in the land of the Soviets!

On Christmas eve, a wreath of spruce or fir branches can be seen on the doors of homes in Germany, France, England, USA and other countries. In the time of Christmas, Advent, every Sunday on the Christmas wreath, a new candle is lit - all of them are four. In addition to candles, the Christmas wreath is traditionally decorated with red ribbons, sweets, apples and bells.

Despite the fact that Christmas wreath is predominantly Catholic attribute, why not decorate a composition of your house on the eve of New year and Christmas, not getting stuck in its deepest sense? Moreover, to make a Christmas wreath with their hands not so difficult .

The basis for the Christmas wreath will serve as durable and thick wire. Its length depends on the desired diameter of the wreath. To attach branches and ornaments to it, use a thin wire. In the flower shop, green wire should be sold - it will not be so noticeable on the background of plants. You may also need a garden shears (to cut off branches) and liquid nails (to attach ornaments).

Christmas wreath with your own hands is usually made of twigs pine, spruce, cypress, Holly, fir, juniper, flexible rods or artificial fir branches. Note that the spruce is crumbling pretty quickly, so it is better not to use spruce branches if you want to get a "durable" wreath.

How decorate Christmas wreath. There is quite a wide range. The traditional decoration of a Christmas wreath is bows and ribbons. Is considered a classic red ribbon or bow, but you can use ribbon and bows other colors of different fabrics. Instead of ribbon to wrap a wreath with electric lights. You can decorate the wreath, a small Christmas tree decorations, live or artificial flowers and cones. Nice cones, painted gold or silver paint.

Very popular "edible" decorations for the wreath  - sweets, biscuits, fruits, vegetables, nuts or berries. Try as a decor for a wreath to use walnuts, chestnut fruits, paprika pods, garlic heads or small bulbs. From berries we can recommend fresh clusters of mountain ash or viburnum, rose hips or dried branches of other berries. Of the fruits, small mandarins or apples, circles of dried lemons and oranges, spirals from citrus peels will look good. And do not forget the cinnamon sticks!

Having defined the materials, you can begin to making the wreath. So, how to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands? First take a thick wire and make of it a frame in the form of a circle (if the wire is not thick enough, you can make more than one turn). Cut the branches about 25 cm long and begin to weave them in a circle in one direction. To avoid falling out of the branches, immediately fasten them with a thin wire. The second layer weave in the opposite direction. The number of layers depends on the desired splendor of the wreath.

Careful not to be seen the wire frame and the connecting wire. If the finished wreath will be gaps or irregularities, camouflage them using small twigs, which are woven into the gaps with a thin wire. When the wreath will be quite voluminous or lush, start it decorate. Beautifully looks Christmas wreath, made in one color scheme - red, green, blue, white, gold or silver. The traditional Christmas combination is red or green, very much in harmony with blue and silver.

First appetite wreath wide ribbon. Do not wrap the tape too simple, otherwise it will clamp the branches. But hang she shouldn't either. Secure the tape liquid nails so she wouldn't fall off the wreath. Can replace it with a garland with lights. Then you can decorate the wreath one decorative element (large bow, floral composition), or to place decorations evenly over the entire surface of the wreath.

The finished Christmas wreath to hang on your front door, wall or put on the table. If the wreath will be placed horizontally, you can decorate it candles. planting them on the wires fastened in a wreath. Candles should be high enough to prevent the wreath from catching fire. And the final touch is artificial snow or sequins.

As you can see, to make a Christmas wreath with their hands quite possible and not particularly difficult. This Christmas decoration will bring to your home warm and cozy  and surely will attract the attention of all guests!