No children's party is not complete without girls in costumes of snowflakes — white, light and airy dresses. I'm sure many moms want to dress their daughter in a snowflake. The land of the Soviets tell you how to do new year's costume snowflakes.

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And if tights, shoes and even a crown to get just what with the dress can cause problems. Many do not want to buy ready-made dress for a party — still a year later the child grows up, and the dress will not be enough. Yes, and rent is usually not an option — the kids are mobile, you can cut or stain during competitions, and you pay for it. And yourself to sew dresses can not all. What to do in this case?


First you will need to buy sheer medium hardness white. The length of the piece will have to calculate yourself. Just keep in mind that one skirt you will need about 50 segments tulle rectangular shape. Their width should be equal to 20 cm in length and perceived length of the skirt. Tulle is pretty easy to cut so you can fold it in layers and cut several pieces.

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Skirt tutu ready. Something to add to it to make a new year's costume snowflakes? First and foremost, you need to consider the top of the suit. In principle, it is possible to wear any white blouse or dressy tee, but the ideal option in this case would be a white body shirt also. It resembles a one piece swimsuit, only with sleeves — long or short. And body shirt also, and the skirt can be sewn on tinsel and beads-metallic. If you want the snowflake was "fluffy", can sew to the collar and sleeves trim white fleece or faux fur.

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