Christmas tree — an indispensable attribute of the holiday. Without green fluffy beauty can not do any New year. Decorated Christmas tree stood in the streets and squares of the cities, in people's homes, schools, offices and other institutions. How to decorate a Christmas tree. to make her happy with you and your guests?

Before decorating the Christmas tree, it naturally need choose. Before the holiday, decide what will suit you more. Living tree or artificial? Spruce or pine? The whole tree or fir / pine branches? The choice depends on your own preferences, financial possibilities and the size of the room in which you are going to put the tree. But remember that you can not choose a Christmas tree "from the bay-floundering". Choose our Christmas tree (both living and artificial), our advice will help you.

Bought a Christmas tree need properly install. With an artificial tree, there will be no problems, but what about a living plant? What to do, so that the Christmas tree does not crumble and how long can you and your family members rejoice? On this account, there are different opinions. Some put a Christmas tree in the wet sand. Others prefer water with a "cocktail" dissolved in it from a pill of aspirin, a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of salt, which must be topped up as the tree absorbs it. Having established a tree, you can think about how to decorate a Christmas tree.

One of the latest trends — a Christmas tree decorated in a single color. This tree really looks beautiful. Green is best not to take - decorations will merge with the tree itself. It is better to decorate a Christmas tree with decorations of contrasting color (for example, red), picking up red balls, garlands, tinsel, etc. A Christmas tree with white or silvery ornaments looks very Christmas-like. On an artificial Christmas tree, made of silver "rain", very beautiful look bright blue ornaments. It is desirable that the color of Christmas decorations is in harmony with the overall color scheme of your New Year's interior.

Another good way to decorate a Christmas tree — do it "thematic". Such a Christmas tree can look great in the office, if the jewelry will remind you about the specifics of your company or department. For example, "computer scientists" can decorate a Christmas tree with old floppy disks, RJ-45 connectors, unnecessary boards and other parts and spare parts. In the office it is easy to make garlands of multi-colored clips and unnecessary documents. Why send old papers to the shredder, if they come out wonderful paper garlands?

Themed Christmas tree you can dress up and house selecting the topic of your hobby. The fisherman can decorate a Christmas tree with spinners, floats and lures

You can decorate a Christmas tree in retro style. Surely you (or your grandparents) have New Year's toys of Soviet times - some peeling balls, cones, toy cosmonauts, vegetables and fruits, heroes of children's books. Why not remember the childhood and not decorate the tree with these toys? Perhaps they are not as shiny and elegant as the new balls bought on the eve of the holiday in the nearest supermarket. But how much warmer they are! How many pleasant memories are associated with them!

If you decide to decorate a Christmas tree traditionally, it should be remembered a few rules. First, an electric garland hangs on a Christmas tree, then large toys, and then small toys. Ornaments of the same shape and color should not be hung near. In the last place put on the top (a star or a spire), hangs "rain" and tinsel.

Garlands or beads are hung around the Christmas tree, not vertically. They must not overshadow the other decorations. The tree should not be overloaded with toys. The smaller the tree, the smaller should be the decorations. The largest decoration in the way at the bottom, the smallest at the top. You can decorate the Christmas tree with Christmas toys ready, and you can make Christmas toys with their hands .

The upcoming 2011 — the year of white metal Rabbit (Cat). Therefore it is good if the decor of your New Year tree will remind you of this. You can hang toys on the Christmas tree in the form of a rabbit, a rabbit or a cat. You can decorate the tree in white, yellow, silver or golden colors (the color of the coming year). It does not hurt to also hang on the Christmas tree decorations made of metal (or at least decorated "under the metal").

And most importantly — to approach the decoration of the Christmas tree have a soul. It is advisable to involve the employment of all family members, from the most senior to the most Junior. Then your tree will certainly the most beautiful, elegant and very festive!