I think all the polls men are harsh and don't like poetry. As it is not so! Many of them will be happy to congratulations on defender of the Fatherland Day in verse .

But let's admit honestly: among us there are not many real poets and poetesses, therefore it is difficult to compose poems by February 23rd. What should I do in this case? To the aid will come ready congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day in verse, from which you can choose those that suit you.

Congratulations on defender of the Fatherland Day in verse

* * *
Even today, in your name,
The twenty-third of February,
All the words of congratulations sound,
  Closer to the night - salutes clatter.

You're a man, albeit not a warrior,
Congratulations today is worthy:
In defense of the Fatherland will rise
  At the hour of dashing, you can not turn away from misfortune.

You're the protector of the spirit, in the blood
The echoes of your ancestors:
They defended the Fatherland,
  They won and the world was protected.

No war can live humdrum,
But always able to protect
Not the country, so at least seven —
  Old men, and children, and his wife.

The twenty-third of February
Congratulations men, we are not in vain:
  So securely man's shoulder.

We congratulate you warmly!

* * *
Have a beautiful day in February,
When the men we congratulate.
There is no "Day man" on earth
  But we are correcting the error.

Men, life without You is empty
There are sad examples.
For You all our beauty,
  In love we do not lose faith.

For You lipstick on your lips,
We are hair perms ruin.
And high heels
  We rush to those whom we love.

* * *
You are a true warrior, I know!
You could win me
Without guns, swords and horse!
You today congratulations
  My general, my love!

* * *
All my childhood I lived without sorrow,
I have always defended the boys.
Have passed since godkov too much,
  Now my protector is my beloved husband.

Today, my congratulations
Will get to you, not others
Expensive person is not found,
  My protector is on the path of life!

In trouble will not throw in the mountain will not betray,
And for the kids — so you give your life.
Although a holiday in February for all men,
  You are worthy of my love alone!

* * *
Let the sunshine in the peaceful sky,
And the trumpet is calling the campaign.
To only exercise soldiers
The attack went forward.

Let instead of explosions a thunder spring
Nature wakes from sleep
And our children sleep peacefully
  Today, tomorrow and always!

Good health and happiness
All those who defended our world.
And who now protects
  And who gave the entire debt to the Motherland!

* * *
There is no men's day ever,
Oh those poor men!
Men's half full,
  Lives without a holiday!

Floor light, delicate and beautiful
Men in a hurry to congratulate ...
Smiles, happiness, joy they are giving,
  At the twenty-third of February!

After the first was born a lady
As we remember, from Adam's rib,
That is why the beautiful half,
I want to shout:
  Long live the men!

Defender you are my heart and soul,
And in the world the best you!
I wish you opportunities,
  So that in life there were no difficulties!

Request to everyone — reality,
And feelings of tenderness and sweets!
Let your life shines the eternal joy
  And I dream of always being your "weakness."

* * *
Congratulations to you congratulations!
Happiness, joy,wish,
So fortune smiled,
And the currency take root,
Not to lose weight and not gain weight
Shape slender to have.
To friends idolized
And relatives scolded,
Relax in the Canary Islands,
Pineapples to eat.
You can grouse to eat
And some wine to wash it down
To house, car, caravan
Was an easy task
And were solved without writings
  The power of only magic words.

* * *
It is not easy to be a Man in our century
To be the best, the winner, wall,
A trusted friend, a sensitive man,
  A strategist between peace and war.

To be strong, but. humble, wise, gentle,
To be rich, but. of money to spare.
To be slim, elegant I. careless.
  All know, all the time and all be able to.

We are in holiday we wish you. patience
The solutions to your life problems.
Wishing you health, love and inspiration.
  Successes of creative and all good luck!

* * *
Beloved, congratulations,
You are my defender.
From tenderness I melt
  Under a gentle hand.

But I know its strength,
How can protect.
With you reliable, cute,
To walk the streets.

Male holiday today,
  For disputes there are no reasons,
  As the virgins did not grow stronger,
  More reliable than men.

In spirit you heroes
And if the trouble,
From cant go
  The defender's hand.

My love, I know
You me — wall!
  With hope I congratulate,
  To be always with me!