Coats are very popular winter clothing: they are more colorful jackets, but more democratic than coats. Season sheepskin has passed, but before hiding the coat in the closet for the warm season, you should clean it. The land of the Soviets tell how to clean a sheepskin coat at home.

When you require cleaning of coats, the first idea that comes to mind is to give a sheepskin coat to the dry cleaners. But, unfortunately, dry-will always be able to clean sheepskin coat. In some dry cleaners there are no special tools or equipment for cleaning the skin and fur; some sheepskin dry cleaning and is completely contraindicated. In this case, you will have to try to clean the sheepskin coat at home.

The most important thing is to remember two basic rules:

  • fresh stains appear better than long-standing: the sooner you take for the cleaning of the coats, the better
  • not all those means which are suitable for normal clothes, suitable for coats

Of course, the best means for cleaning the coats is a professional creams and sprays. designed specifically for cleaning and care for winter things. Good, high-quality products can clean even very light skin. But there is not always an opportunity to acquire a professional tool. In addition, if you plant a stain, it is better to take it out immediately, and not go in search of a spray. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to clean the sheepskin coat at home with the help of improvised means.

The choice of cleaning method of coats depends on the degree and nature of contamination. If your sheepskin is just dusty. you can just vacuum it with the ordinary vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle. If the coat stuck dry dirt. then you must first clean it with a hard dry brush, and then moisten a soft brush in a soap solution and clean off the remaining dirt.

How to clean a sheepskin coat at home, if you put it on the spot? First thing you need to remember that this is a sheepskin coat, not a sweater. Why? The fact that cloth and leather have completely different properties. Wine stains from a fabric, for example, is very effectively removed salt. But on the skin the salt leaves stains and makes it lighter. So if you put on sheepskin stain, you need not sprinkle it with salt, and starch or semolina. They also absorb grease and moisture, but divorces it does not leave.

Non-greasy stains can be erased with an ordinary eraser. you can buy at any office supply store. Inveterate stains I have been able to with soaked in gasoline Marley. But this method can not be called one hundred percent effective. Different sheepskin coats are sewn from leather of different quality, processed by different methods. Therefore, one can of gasoline can help, and the other he will definitively ruin. Before you try to clean the sheepskin coat with gasoline, try this method on a small patch of skin on the inside of the sheepskin coat.

If coats greasy the cuffs of sleeves, pockets or collar. then they can be cleaned with a hard brush (preferably rubber), a small amount of liquid ammonia and tooth powder (currently scarce tooth powder can be replaced with purified talcum powder or baby powder).

Sometimes when cleaning your sheepskin becomes moist. Then it must be dried. First you need to spread the sheepskin coat on a flat surface (for example, on a table), and when it dries, you need to stretch it carefully with your hands - otherwise the sheepskin coat will stand as a stake.

If when cleaning your sheepskin faded in some places. You can buy a special paint in the tone of the sheepskin coat and tint the faded seats yourself. To paint successfully, you need to paint the sheepskin coat only after cleaning and strictly follow the instructions.

As you can see, to clean the coat at home is quite real, although better wear it neat and to prevent contamination .