Sometimes in job search happens that the final choice has to do from several options. Each of them have their flaws benefits, so the choice of work can be a challenge. How to choose a job?

Probably the most obvious answer, lying on the surface is choose a job that paid more. But in fact, not everything is measured in money. There are many things that can compensate for a lower salary. We will say right away that we are talking about finding employment in approximately the same positions, when there is no need to choose from two different activities.

To select a job, you need to prioritize. What else matters to you except, of course, salaries? First and foremost, this social package. Unfortunately, not all employers correctly interpret this concept, and not all applicants know what actually should be included in the social package.

The guarantees that are enshrined in the Labour Code, the social package is not included. the employer and so is obliged to provide you with paid sick leave and regular paid leave, social insurance, reimbursement of transportation costs (if your work is connected with traveling), travel expenses. The social package is bonuses that are not registered by the TC, but the employer can provide them.

So, the benefits may include payment of mobile communication and gasoline when using a personal vehicle, the provision of housing for nonresident workers, medical insurance (including for family members), prizes, training by the employer, corporate events, etc. So it makes sense to choose the most attractive for you personally social package and around employers, who under the guise of the social package presented with something that you are required by law.

In addition, important perspective, which opens up your selected work. Everything depends on what is more important for you: career growth with promotion or professional development, which may not be accompanied by a transition to a new hierarchical step. A salary increase is possible in both cases, so look what is more comfortable and desirable for you personally.

Undoubtedly, the team is also important at work. Adverse psychological climate can nullify all the remaining advantage. Of course, it's hard to appreciate it, not having been in the team at least a few days (in the words of all may be good, but don't "cook" in it, certainly do not know). But still it's nice to look at. For example, if you see that the team of mostly your peers, this is a plus with the possibility of comfortable communication. And look to the future chief. if he immediately aroused your antipathy, it is unlikely you will then be comfortable working in this place.

An important factor is the remoteness of the work from home. Of course "remoteness" is a relative term and it depends from the size of your city and what transport you have. The fact that in small towns will be "across town" to metropolis may be a small distance. In any case, ceteris paribus, to choose a job closer to home, not to stand in traffic jams and do not push to public transport.

Another important work schedule. Here, again, it all depends on your personal preferences. Someone needs a flexible schedule or a free schedule, because to sit at work from nine to six there is no possibility: the family, studies, even banal biorhythms do not allow. And someone, on the contrary, would prefer to choose a full-time job and a normalized schedule, because it disciplines.

To finally choose the work, you can make a comparative table. In the rows will be a list of your priorities (include everything that comes to your mind - perhaps, we forgot to mention some of the possible advantages in this article). And in the columns - possible places of work. In the cells, put the pros and cons depending on whether the particular place of work has some advantage or not. And depending on the number of pluses, choose the place of work to your liking.