Besides the General for all Christians Easter traditions each country has its own traditions associated with the culture of this country. Today, the Country Councils will talk about how to celebrate Easter in different countries.

In Bulgaria. for example, celebrate Easter almost in the same way as we do. Bulgarians bake a big Easter loaf and paint chicken eggs. Easter eggs are usually laid out around the loaf, and then arrange "fights": two combatants pick their eggs and hit them against each other until one of the eggs shows a crack. In this case, opponents wish good luck to each other. The Easter table in Bulgaria can not do without fried lamb. If it is not possible to serve the whole lamb roasted to the table, the Bulgarians are content with "cheverme" (thigh) or "shish" (shashlik from the lamb).

In Poland  celebrate Easter is noisy and fun. Massive folk festivities are held with songs danced round the campfires. On this day it is customary to wash in the stream so that next year there would be strength and health. On the festive table, it is customary to serve women and mazuriki (special types of pies), meat dishes (in particular, the famous white pork sausage with spices) and horseradish with beets (tsviklu). Baking is made on Thursday. The popular belief says that if some mistress decides to bake on Good Friday, the whole village will suffer a crop failure and a drought. To avoid this, it is necessary to soak the trough in the lake in which she kneaded the dough.

In Germany Friday, Saturday and Sunday are official holidays. On Saturday evening kindle a large fire, which symbolizes the end of winter, in addition, it is believed that the fire burns all the bad. Germany is celebrating Easter primarily as a family celebration, so on Saturday morning the whole family gathers for a celebratory Breakfast. Before Breakfast the head of the family hides from the kids baskets with chocolate eggs, sweets and gifts, and those looking for them. Children are told that these gifts were brought by the Easter Bunny. After lunch decided to go to visit friends and relatives. Guests are treated to tea and chocolate biscuits.

In America decided to go to Church for the Easter service in honor of Jesus Christ, risen from the dead. The usual morning Easter service at the American Church is accompanied by collective singing. After that, the family gathers for Easter dinner. Children get gifts that they, like the German children, gives the Easter Bunny. Usually this gift takes the form of baskets, which are composed of multi-colored eggs and sweets. A traditional Easter game in America is riding eggs on a sloping lawn. Most of the participants collects about rolling eggs on the lawn near the White House. On the main streets of cities hold lavish street parades.

In UK  Easter is one of the most important holidays, so that they celebrate Easter on a special scale. At dawn on Sunday, church services are held. For the Easter breakfast, as in Germany, the whole family is going to. Traditionally British Easter breakfast includes cross buns. The festive table is usually decorated with chocolate eggs and egg nests made of dough bunnies. Children on this day are given toys and sweets, and relatives and friends - chocolate eggs with hidden sweetness inside. Children play a traditional game with Easter eggs: they are written names, folded into a sieve and shaken. The winner is the one whose egg lasted longer.

In Italy  many celebrate Easter on Rome's main square in order to personally hear the congratulations of the Pope. To the festive table served a salad of tomatoes, olives and sweet peppers, lamb with fried artichokes and a salty pie with cheese and eggs. In addition, Italians bake a colomb. This traditional Italian Easter bakery is somewhat like our cakes, but it adds a lemon to the flavor and is decorated with almond glaze and almond kernels. The next day after Easter, the Italians go out on picnics with friends and neighbors.