The last week of Lent before Easter is calledHoly week (passion week). During this week, the Passion of Christ is remembered - the events that happened with Jesus Christ in the last days of his earthly life and brought him spiritual and physical suffering.

During the Holy Week, believers remember the Last Supper, the arrest of Christ, judgment, scourging and execution. The climax of the Passion of Christ is the crucifixion.Every day of Holy Week has the epithet "Great" or "Passionate". On Holy Week, worship is given special importance, and fasting during this period is especially strict.

Every day of Holy Week is dedicated to remembering certain events in the life of Christ. The first three days recall the conversations of Jesus Christ with his disciples and people. Thus, inGreat Monday  remember the gospel parable about the withering of the barren fig tree by the Lord. It symbolizes a person dying in repentance, whose soul has not brought faith, prayer and good deeds.

In Great Tuesday  remember the parables uttered by Jesus Christ in the Temple of Jerusalem. Among them is the parable of the resurrection of the dead, the tribute to Caesar, the Last Judgment, talents and ten virgins. In addition, on the second day of Holy Week, it is customary to recall the rebuke of the scribes and Pharisees by Christ.

In Great Wednesday  with sorrow remember the betrayal of Jesus Christ by Judas Iscariot for 30 pieces of silver, and also about a sinner who, without knowing it, prepared Christ for burial, washing His feet with tears and sending a precious globe on His head. On this day, it is common to compare two life paths - the traitor of Judah and the repentant harlot Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene accepted salvation, Judas chose spiritual ruin.

Maundy Thursday(Clean Thursday)  reminds us of the Last Supper - the last meal of Christ with the disciples before his execution. Liturgy on Holy Thursday symbolizes the participation of believers in the Last Supper. During the service on this day of Holy Week, the four events of the Gospel are remembered, which occurred on Thursday: the washing of Jesus Christ's feet to his disciples, the betrayal of Judas, the Last Supper and the establishment of the Sacrament of the Eucharist (communion), and finally the prayer of Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The most mournful day of Holy Week -Great (Holy) Friday. It was on this day that Jesus Christ was crucified, therefore on Friday before Easter the believers remember the trial, the crucifixion and the death of Christ on Calvary. On this day, the Divine Liturgy is not served, because on that day the Lord himself sacrificed himself. At Vespers on Great Friday, they take out the shroud.

In Great Saturday  remember the stay of Jesus Christ in the tomb. In Jerusalem, this day comes the Holy Fire (Holy Light), symbolizing the way out of the Holy Sepulcher of the True Light (the resurrection of Jesus Christ). On Holy Saturday in the churches they perform the Liturgy of Basil the Great. During this liturgy, biblical prophecies are read before the shroud, which was carried out the day before.

Holy Week is also a periodpreparation for the celebration of the Bright Resurrection. During this week they do cleaning in the house, bake cakes, prepare Easter and paint Easter eggs, which are consecrated on Great Saturday.

And on the last day of Holy Week, on Sunday, Easter is celebrated - the day of the Bright Christ's Resurrection. On this day it is customary to congratulate each other, greeting passers-by with words"Christ is risen!". This greeting should be answered"Truly Risen!" .

On Easter Daythe Great Lent is coming to an end. so on this day it is customary to cover an abundant and delicious Easter table. The meal begins with the fact that everyone breaks down the cake, consecrated in the church, which the head of the family shares equally among all household members.

Dream on Good Friday

The Great Course of Passionate Week
The road of pain, anguish, passion
What destiny of Destiny will bend
To the kingdom of Light or Shadow?

Good, wherever comes
Waves a wonderful, warm Light
But the Devil - everywhere, wanders around,
Waved his wings - There is no light!

The power of evil - a myriad of troops
And rage furious fire
He jumps to meet us briskly
That Black Sword, that Black Horse

Sinful black banners
Rows without an account - there is no number!
Deception and lies, treason, war
Thousands of them - vices Evil

Shock of Darkness is strong, except
Embrace is tenacious and strong
And even the sun will fade away hurriedly
Falling from heaven into the womb of the Mughla

And now the beam is extinguished
  The last bitter grief
  All light becomes. yesterday,
  And, - eludes me.

And that's all. the end of all living things
Sevigny darkness in all the land
All faded into the abyss, who
  Darkness is everywhere, and that is in darkness.

And time ran stopped
  The sand has dried up - the end of time!
  What happened before
  All plunged into the Eternal Dream.

But CH, some strange echo
  Beyond the horizon of eternal Darkness
  Some kind of hum, some kind of shuffle
  From afar, from the height.

That hum is getting closer
  Stronger. more powerful
  And suddenly - Udarrr. - From there, Above
  And lightning. well and behind it, -

Stubborn Thunder
  Overflow the firmament
  A lightning bolt of lightning
  Give birth to Light! Go-go!

About a miracle! The forces of Darkness are thinning out
  Where is the Black Sword, where is the Black Horse !?
  Banners clouded the clouds
  All-purifying Fire!

And the gloom becomes weaker
  Goes further into the Land of Shadows
The storm abates, the night brightens
  And all is clearer - who is stronger.

Dawn. Here he was hardly glimpsed
Stepping on the heels of the darkness
Are eye opening – not dreaming
  And Faith glows in me

In all that is righteous in the world
In the Kingdom of God and the Good
  What is the Light of every Evil Master
  And ever and ever!

That Faith commands
To go on the deed and fight
The Faith that saves from Evil
  Being a common destiny.