Not everyone has the opportunity to buy air conditioning. but to escape from the summer heat as it is necessary. In this case, comes to the aid of the good old fan — fortunately, the modern models are not as noisy as their predecessors. The land of the Soviets tell how to choose a fan.

To choose the right fan, you need to pay attention to four basic criteria :

  • fan type
  • modes of operation
  • the power of the air flow
  • noise

Let's look at each criterion a little bit more. Let's start withfan type. it affects the strength of the air flow, the possibility of the location of the fan and particularly the adjustment of its work. There are four types. floor, table, column fans and fan heaters.

Outdoor fans  have a large size and performance, their powerful engine copes with large rooms. As a rule, floor fans allow you to adjust the height and angle, select the mode of operation (horizontal or vertical).

Column fans  have the form of a high cylinder. They rotate only in the horizontal direction and are equipped with an airflow power control system.

Table fans  compact and mobile, they can be put anywhere and easily transferred from one place to another. There are even relatively small fans-clothespins. But in comparison with floor fans they have less performance.

A special type is heaters. You should choose a fan of this type, if in winter you plan to save on the heater. The heat sink can operate in two modes: cold air (room cooling) and warm / hot air (room heating). The fan heater must be made of heat-resistant material and equipped with a protection against overheating.

Let's move on to modes of operation of the fan. Under the mode of operation may involve different options, in particular:

  • the plane of rotation
  • the speed of rotation
  • the angle of inclination.

The plane of rotation can be horizontal or vertical. Some fans can switch between these two modes. The angle changes promotes uniform refreshment of the air in the room. Usually the fans have three tilt angle: 30, 45, or 90 degrees. As for speed. most often they have three fans. Speed ​​affects the intensity of the air flow. This or that speed is chosen depending on your desire and air temperature.

You can also choose fan with additional modes :

  • rotation mode (fan turns slowly, evenly refreshing the air in the room)
  • automatic mode (with timer sets the time interval fan operation from 1 to 12 hours — after which it will automatically shut down)
  • the mode of ionization for air cleaning
  • the protection from insects (using the built in fumigated).

To make it easier to switch modes, you should choose a fan with remote control .

It is very important to choose a fan with optimal the power of the air flow. It shows how much room the fan can cool per unit of time, and is measured in cubic meters per hour. To calculate the power, you need to multiply the volume of the room by two. The optimum power for creating a comfortable atmosphere in a room per person is 50-80 m 2 / h.

The power to choose depending on the room volume and the number of people that will be there (the bigger the room, the more powerful you need to choose the fan). On the power of fan influence motor power and the diameter of the screw.

Noise  also determines the quality of the fan, because it affects the usability of a particular model. The maximum acceptable comfort level is 38 dB. For a children's room, an office, a bedroom, you need to choose a fan with a lower noise level - 25-30 dB. When buying, you need to check the noise level in different modes of operation: often manufacturers indicate the noise level only for the minimum speed.

Now you know how to choose a fan that is right for you. We hope that you will like the chosen model, and your apartment will always be pleasantly cool, regardless of the temperature outside the window.