To make the wedding more interesting and bright to cheer up friends and relatives, to make friends among themselves parents of the bride and groom will help wedding contests for guests. We offer You some simple, but fun and exciting contests. Perhaps they will be useful to You in the wedding.

For this contest You will need two a long clothesline.   At the end of each rope a table spoon is tied. Participants are divided into two teams of five. Each team receives a rope. The task of the players - in turn, passing a rope with a spoon on the end through their clothes, as soon as possible "to get into" on it. The team wins, all participants of which are likely to be "strung" on the rope.

For this contest You'll need several walnuts. Participate in the competition usually women or girls. On a chair each contestants placed a number of nuts. Sitting on them, she needs to count how many nuts were in her chair. The winner is the participant that faster and more accurately count the nuts. These wedding contests for guests only appropriate in a company with a good sense of humor.   If you assume that not all jokes will be understood, it is better to address to more restrained and modest recreational activities.

Ball in goal

For competition it is necessary to take two chairs, two long ropes, two bananas and two inflated balloon. As You may have guessed, participation in the contest are two.   Each member of the belt is tied with a rope so that one end hangs from the rear to the floor. To this long end of the rope, at an altitude of about 10 centimeters from the floor, a banana is attached. The task of the participants is to drive the balloon under your chair with the help of a banana.

Wedding contests for guests associated with dressing up and disguise,   are always well received by the audience and bring a lot of positive emotions. Only disguises should not be too complicated.

For this contest You'll need two pairs of warm winter mittens and two robes buttoned.   Two pairs become participants of the competition. Men wear mittens, and women wear gowns. The task of men: as soon as possible to fasten all the buttons on your woman's dressing gown.

This is a comic contest-a rally. Wedding contests for guests of this type are not designed to determine the winner, but more likeentertainment highlight intended to amuse the audience.

As brook in this competition is a long strip of Wallpaper that is spread on the floor.   Several women take part in the game. While one passes the "test", the rest must be in another room and not see what happens during the competition.

The participant is blindfolded and is asked, placing feet on two sides "stream", carefully walk along it without stepping on Wallpaper. Once a participant reaches the finish line, but have not removed the bandage, "trickle" lies senior the witness or any other brave man. The most fun in this contest becomes the moment when the woman takes off the blindfold and sees lying on the Wallpaper man.

Then the next participant is invited. There are no winners, but everyone is having fun.


These wedding contests for the guests require some preparation. You should be pre-prepared small slips of paper written on them questions. And the same number of leaves with answers. The point of the game is that questions and answers between them virtually tied. The contestants pull out one leaves with questions and then answers and read what what happens. Sometimes you get a very original options.

Pass the bottle

For this contest you will needtwo plastic bottles of 1.5-2 liters.   Participants are divided into two equal teams. To the music it is necessary to transfer the bottle, clamping it between the legs, without touching the hands. The team whose bottle is most likely to reach the last player wins.

Carefully planned and prepared wedding contests for the guests certainly will be a vivid memory   as for the newlyweds, and for the guests themselves.