Turkey has lately become a very popular vacation spot, so many people prefer to spend their holidays there. A vacation must-Souvenirs — a souvenir, and family and friends as a gift. What to bring from Turkey?

Selection of Souvenirs and gifts in this country wide enough and limit it to only your financial capabilities and personal preferences. But mostly from Turkey driven or exotic objects with an Oriental flavor, or Oriental sweets. And that, in either case, tourists have plenty of options.

For example, it is possible to bring from Turkey hookah and winter evenings to smoke the fragrant fruit tobacco, remembering the vacation. But when choosing a hookah you need to decide whether you smoke or will it just decorate your interior. The fact that ornate gift hookahs are often unsuitable for Smoking. So, choosing a hookah, be careful. And don't forget to buy the tobacco, coal, and just in case — a spare Cup for tobacco.

If you want to bring to your interior an exotic touch, you can bring from Turkey famous Turkish carpet handmade. Material, colour and pattern of the carpet depend on the region in which the carpet was made in each region of Turkey — the secrets of production of carpets. But keep in mind that handmade rugs can be costly.

Besides carpets can be brought from Turkey ceramics, gift chess or backgammon, bed linen or table cloths decorated with hand embroidery, plush bath robes, silver and leather goods. But choose Souvenirs you need to carefully. you slipped a fake.

Women will certainly be interested in authentic Turkish outfits for dancing. Moreover, pretty ladies should pay attention to natural cosmetics and soap based on olive oil. which is famous for its benefits for skin and hair. Well, if you are fond of cooking — don't forget to buy a bottle or two of olive oil cold pressed. And don't pass it by aromatic Turkish spices: where else can you buy so many different spices?

As a "mass" of gifts for colleagues or friends you can buy Turkish amulets against the evil eye. called "Nazar boncuk" and is similar to blue-turquoise or blue-yellow eyes. They are sold almost everywhere and have the form of charms, pendants, magnets, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Turkey is famous for its coffee (despite the fact that the country does not grow coffee). So don't forget to buy a few varieties Turkish coffee with spices. and "appendage" can be brought from Turkey and beautiful copper pots, decorated with chasing, to brew the coffee. Sell special coffee sets: coffee, coffee grinder, pots and coffee Cup or several cups. This set is a perfect gift.

Another famous Turkish drink Apple tea. It is possible to buy the cups in the shape of tulips or even a whole tea set. You can bring from Turkey and other fruit teas. And fans of stronger drinks can bring home a couple of bottles of the famous anisette — brandy.

Don't forget about Turkish sweets — halva, baklava, Turkish delight and sherbet (the Turkish delight with nuts). Halva comes in many types and is usually sold already Packed in plastic containers, so that the transportation problems will not arise. But the baklava is a bit trickier: for transport, it hesitates, so to take her would have to be extremely careful.

Well, as you can not bring from Turkey famous turkish Delight. There is a tremendous amount of types of Turkish delight with various additives. It is sold either sliced and packaged, or in bulk. The only advantage of packaged Turkish delight is a beautiful box. Bulk Turkish delight is generally much tastier, it is better to buy Turkish delight only in specialty sweet shops and only in bulk. Else sweet you can buy pixmania (something similar to cotton candy) and almonds, baked with honey or figs.

When choosing Souvenirs don't forget that Turkey is an Eastern country, in which to chaffer. The price you call the seller, is likely to be overstated. So bitter trade will help you to bring down the price by 30-40 percent, and the seller she will bring great pleasure — you can be sure of that.

To leave Turkey empty-handed is very difficult: when you're faced with an abundance of Turkish Souvenirs, you'll want to buy "everything and more". So I advise you to take a deep breath, count to ten and to decide which Souvenirs you really need. otherwise you risk to return home with a bag full, but with empty pockets.

And to those who fly to Turkey for the first time, it was easier to choose, we offer experienced tourists share your holiday experiences in Turkey – what Souvenirs you brought out?