Any business is at risk: economic instability, closure of businesses, the need for too many workers. But you never know what kind of trouble can fall on the heads of entrepreneurs? To employers not sprayed their own strength to the many problems, there is little associated with business development, and is often staffing issues have been introduced outstaffing.

Outstaffing today is not the most popular service among domestic companies. In fact, it began to be engaged only in the late 90's, while in the US and Europe it is used not only for a long time, but also actively. It is possible that the initial value of staff outstaffing is not clear to employers, so they do not resort to it. Although only in the US there are numerous outstaffing companies that offer their services. And the outstaffing market is growing every year!

Staff outsourcing, it outstaffing and leasing are essentially similar concepts. The essence is only in the needs of the company. So, outsourcing is hiring employees without concluding a legal contract with them, and outstaffing staff is transferring it to another companion company. In fact, all employees remain in their places and perform the same duties, but only under a different direction. Therefore, determine for yourself what exactly you need: hire employees or give them "loans".

Staff leasing — that is to say, the use of external labour resources are attracted from a third party through an intermediary. But the fact is that the English word leasing in Russian has the meaning "giving out", so the term "leasing" in relation to people we have to apply incorrectly. Even in legal documents, it is not possible to describe the company's activities as providing personnel leasing services. Therefore, the term outstaffing of staff is used.

Any company can use outstaffing for a number of reasons. This can be a need to reduce the number of employees in the staffing or the need to reduce administrative and financial burden on the company maintaining the direct management of employees. Also outstaffing gives a possibility to make the management of workers as flexible as possible and provide them with the actual number that will be required for the implementation of a given workload.

In addition, outstaffing is also beneficial when you have to hire trainees of foreign citizens or to provide temporary employment. In this case, the organization will significantly reduce the amount of work of the accounting and human resources departments and will protect themselves against any claims that may come from the tax, judicial or labor services.

For small businesses, which actually may only have a limited number of employees, outstaffing is saving straw. With the help of outstaffing can bring practical number of employees to the desired .

It should say on the employment of foreigners. To avoid various problems with the migration services to ease the task of collecting all the necessary documents in the numerous instances, is also used outstaffing foreign nationals. Thus, in fact, the highly qualified staff is not you. But almost all exactly the opposite. Agree that the outstaffing has a number of advantages, which is why this niche market is developing so quickly in Western countries.

To use the services of staff outstaffing, you have to conclude an agreement with a leasing company. Unfortunately,at the moment the domestic labour market there are no such leasing companies that focus only on this activity   and outstaffing staff from their staff. Therefore, most often different companies offer other firms to use the services of their own specialist for a certain time. This company can not be called leasing, because its main occupation has nothing to do with outstaffing.

Closest to the leasing companies with the option — it recruitment Agency. They are currently performing the functions of leasing companies. But in recruiting agencies, it is not always possible to find highly skilled specialists, who could be appointed as project managers.