If this year you do not have time to relax in the warm summer months, and you will vacation in October — do not worry! You still have time to luxuriate under the hot sun and swim in the sea, because there are so many countries where you can relax in October.

In our latitude, October is the time of cold and rain, so if you are interested in a vacation in October, will have to go abroad. The black sea coast and the Mediterranean countries that were the favorites of tourists in September. slowly losing out: the air and water gets colder, the rains. But in Turkey and Egypt   The summer heat drops, in October it is quite comfortable.

There are many reasons to spend a holiday in October in these countries. First, holidays in Egypt and Turkey are available: with the same level of service trip to one of these countries will be slightly more expensive than a trip to the Black sea. Second, Turkey and Egypt can boast of developed tourist infrastructure. Young couples, families with children, youth companies - all will be able to find an option to their liking.

If Turkey and Egypt seem banal and hackneyed option, you should pay attention to exotic countries. How about a vacation in October in Malaysia or Mauritius. There you will find picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, interesting sights, and the delights of civilization: shopping centers, restaurants, clubs. But it is better to go to Malaysia in early October - later there, as in Vietnam and Indonesia, the season of tropical downpours begins.

To relax by the sea in October in Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Israel, Morocco. But note that in United Arab Emirates   The month of October is the holy month of Ramadan, so restrictions on the functioning of entertainment facilities may slightly spoil your holiday. In fact, in Dubai, many restrictions on the tourist zone do not apply.

In Tunisia in October may experience intermittent rain and cloudy days, but most of the time the weather is warm and Sunny. So grab some warm clothes and enjoy. But in Morocco. despite the cool of the evening, rains are rare. But at the end of October in Morocco is better not to travel with young children: a small storm safe for adults, but the child is not to swim in the sea is not worth it.

Vacation in October Jordan or Israel   will help you not only to relax, but also to improve: The Dead Sea is famous for its medicinal properties. But at the Dead Sea resorts there can be a significant difference in daytime and night temperatures, so do not forget to take warm clothes. In Israel, apart from the Dead Sea, you can also relax on the Red Sea - in Eilat until mid-October, dry and hot, but quite comfortable weather, and the water temperature reaches + 27 ° C.

If you do not like beach holidays (and sometimes is), you can spend your vacation in October in tours. In many European countries at this time, warm, but not too hot weather. Spain and Italy at this time attract tourists no longer beaches, and their attractions. The influx of tourists falls in autumn, and excursions bring much more pleasure.

By the way, in the Italian town of Perugia in October is the festival of chocolate "Eurochocolate" — the sweet tooth you can't miss this event! But if you take a holiday in October in Germany, you have the chance to visit the famous Oktoberfest. However, in 2011, he starts early enough, September 17, and capture only the first three days of October. But if you take a vacation in early October, you still have time to catch the last day of Oktoberfest on October 3, the Day of unification of East and West Germany.

If your vacation fell at the end of October, and you don't like the heat but like the extreme, you can go to ski resorts   in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Norway. In Austria, for example, in the middle of the month there is a season opening for snowboarders. In the resort town of Feichten, on this occasion, there is a party.

As you can see, a vacation in October is not necessarily gloom and rainy cloudy weather. There are a huge number of places to go in October and have a good rest, gain experiences for the next holiday. And where would you like to rest in October?