Not far off international women's day. This spring festival is customary to celebrate not only with family and friends, but also at work. In this case, the preparation for the celebration falls on the strong shoulders of the male half of the team. How to celebrate corporate on March 8 ?

That includes corporate March 8? Of course, gifts and greetings, festive table and entertainment. Let's start with gifts and greetings. It is very desirable that each woman in the team gets her own individual gift - if you all buy the same souvenirs, it is unlikely to be appreciated. But the gifts should be approximately the same in value, so that no one was hurt.

As for the colors — do not buy one bouquet at all. It is better to buy every woman in the flower, which she can take home. As an option - you can give a large bouquet of the same colors, and the number of colors should equal the number of employees. In the afternoon a bouquet in the office will please the eye, and in the evening the women will sort it into separate flowers, which they will take home.

And don't forget a presentation to your colleagues wishes. They can be large and miniature, wishes can be in verse or in prose — importantly, every colleague had a card addressed only to her words. On this holiday, a woman is pleased to feel special, not one of many.

With the delivery of gifts, flowers and cards should start corporate on 8 March. Try to keep the message did not come out too slow. Also it should without excessive officialdom, but a comic verse of congratulations can be very appropriate (although, of course, it all depends on the team and its traditions). The greeting be sure to mention each woman individually and give her a compliment .

No cost corporate on March 8 and no holiday table. That's just not necessary to involve in cooking and serving the heroines of the event — give them rest in their holiday. If you are not confident in their culinary abilities, it is best to book in the office ready meals from a cafe or restaurant, and do take care of festive table decoration, and indeed the entire premises. And you can celebrate the corporate on March 8 in the restaurant, cafe, bar, bowling, etc. — if you have decided to mark corporate events is not in the office.

To your corporate March 8 did not become a commonplace meal, where no one remembers for what reason all together, need to take care of the entertainment programme. Of course, you can hire a professional presenter and artists or even order a male striptease (if your bosses are loyal to this), but you can do on your own. Striptease, of course, you should not dance, but competitions and concert numbers are quite within your power.

If someone from the male part of the team has talents - maybe someone sings, dances, plays the guitar, parodies the pop stars - it's necessary to use from out of a festive concert!Only perform a preliminary audition and rehearse the concert   - if a person is sure that he knows how to sing, it does not mean that it really is.

It is also worth to hold fun contests, and should choose the contests on March 8 and for women and men — even the strong floor will also participate in contests! Only contests should not go beyond the bounds of decency — still, you have enterprise on March 8, not daring party in the club.

Men may be invited to participate in the competition "The perfect woman   ". Let them be divided into teams. Each team is given the same number of balloons of different colors, shapes and sizes, as well as scotch and thread. The task of the players is to make the figure of the ideal woman out of inflated balls. The speed, creativity and aesthetic characteristics of the resulting sculpture are estimated.

And women let them compete in intellectual competition. A certain topic is assigned, and you need to alternately call the words that relate to this topic. It is impossible to repeat. That participant, who calls the last word, is declared the winner and receives a prize. Themes can be feminine (clothes, cosmetics, etc.), but to make the competition more fun, you can ask some kind of male theme (weapons, machine parts.).

End the corporate March 8 is best by eating a cake ordered in a pastry shop. Even if your colleagues are on a diet - on Women's Day you can afford to eat a piece of cake, drinking it with festive champagne.