And You don't want to create a festive mood for their children in an ordinary day? It turns out that it is very easy. It is not necessary to invent new games or go to the entertainment centre. Bubbles is sure to lift everyone's spirits. And You know how to make homemade bubbles.

Very often it happens that the liquid for bubble machine, purchased in the store, makes you doubt its quality. Therefore, you can think about how to make home soap bubbles, which will not only be strong, but also huge.

There are a few recipes of a solution for soap bubbles. Depending on what you choose, the size of the bubbles will differ. There is also a solution that is better to use in winter.

To prepare the usual solution for soap bubbles. Take 1/4 cup water, 1/3 cup baby shampoo, 2 teaspoons sugar. If you want, you can add a drop of food coloring, then your bubbles will beautifully pour. Instead of sugar, you can take glycerin, which is sold at the pharmacy. Adding sugar or glycerin will make the bubbles stronger.

To inflate bubbles is also very fun in the cold, at temperatures below -7° C. Since it's very cold outside, soap bubbles will freeze and become covered with patterns, like a frosted glass. In this case, to make household soap bubbles, you will need a laundry soap. Plan it in warm water in a proportion of 1:10. So that the soap melts faster, you can boil the liquid. Carefully stir the soapy solution to avoid burns.

To check the prepared solution: try to blow a bubble with a diameter of 10 cm. If You got it — solution is ready. If not, add more soap. In addition, bubbles can be tested for strength. Dip your finger in the soapy solution and gently touch the bubble. If it is not broke — the solution is ready. To make the bubbles stronger, you can add a bit of soap. In the end, You will receive fluid which will ideally be suitable for games with soap bubbles in the cold.

Another good recipe solution for soap bubbles. take 2 parts of soap, 4 parts of glycerin, 8 parts of water and 1 part of sugar syrup. Be sure to use hot water to prepare the solution.

And do you want to try to inflate a giant soap bubbles. To do this you will need not only a solution, but also a special device. The solution for such soap bubbles is as follows: take 200 ml of dishwashing detergent, 600 ml of warm water and 100 ml of glycerin. To make the bubbles stronger and not burst so fast, you need to take soft water. Conventional tap water is not suitable, because it contains a lot of salts, which makes soap bubbles fragile. To soften the water, it is enough to boil it and let it stand.

Now make a special device for blowing huge bubbles. From the nylon rope make a loop, which must be tied to two sticks. Tie the loop so that it forms the shape of a triangle, for which you can use a small load.

Now we can start to bubble. They are best to do outside in calm weather. Pour the solution into the pelvis and lower back rope loop from Your device. Pick it up and start back up. Under the action of a stream of air bubbles will inflate themselves and can reach up to 1 m in diameter.

And bubbles you can make "dolls". To do this, take any solution for bubbles and pour it into a flat plate with a diameter of 20 cm. Using a straw for cocktails, blow the bubble so that it lies on the plate. You will get a bubble hemispherical shape. Gently insert the straw into the bubble and inflate another one, but now smaller. This way you get a few bubbles arranged one in one.

As you can see, a game with soap bubbles is a fun hobby. Both adults and children really like to puff them and see how they shine with iridescent divorces. Try and you play with your children in this fun and interesting game! After all, now you know how to make home soap bubbles.