Buckwheat porridge is a truly Russian dish. In no country in the world is it loved the way we love it. Many countries even refused to grow buckwheat, because the harvest from one hectare of land is very small. And we all love buckwheat porridge since childhood. Do you know how to cook buckwheat correctly?

Not all are able to cook a delicious buckwheat porridge. Even if you follow the instructions for cooking on the package, the finished porridge does not always turn out fragrant and crumbly. And I would like to pamper myself with such a porridge. So how correctly to cook buckwheat? We will describe a few rules that need to be followed to get the correct buckwheat porridge.

The first thing to remember is the amount of water. Buckwheat very much likes a certain amount of water. Therefore, one glass of cereals should take two glasses of water. And no gram is more or less. It is not necessary to pour a peephole or follow the rule of all housewives that any rump should be poured with water two fingers higher.

By the way, do not forget to go over the groats before cooking buckwheat on the water. Let it be sold and clean, but in any case, can get caught small pebbles, vegetable debris or badly cleaned cores. Also, before cooking the rump you can fry a little in a frying pan without oil. Thus buckwheat porridge becomes more friable.

Before cooking buckwheat porridge, you must choose the right container for cooking it. A saucepan for buckwheat porridge should be taken from metal, not enameled. Of course, the best delicious buckwheat is obtained in a cast iron, but not all have it at home. Therefore, you can take any other pan with a thick bottom. Best of all, if it is convex, like a wok. Such a curved surface will ensure correct distribution of temperature and evaporation of liquid from the bottom.

How to cook buckwheat?

Our grandmothers know how to cook the perfect buckwheat. But that's why we can't? The fact that things were cooking in the ovens. After baking pies or bread bowl was put with the barley, and there he long languished. Taking into account this method, you might think that the longer barley is cooked, the tastier it will be. This is absolutely wrong. If you overdo buckwheat on fire, she would not only lose its flavor and aroma, but also the grain will lose its shape. Therefore, the right cooking buckwheat need in the following way.

During the first 3-5 minutes, the fire should be strong, but only until the boiling point of the water. The pan with the porridge should be tightly closed, so make sure that steam does not burst out from under the lid. Once the water boils, screw the fire. Water with cereal should now boil moderately. At the very end of cooking, the fire must be weak. On such a fire, water should be boiled not only from the surface of the porridge, but also from the bottom of the pan.

It is also very important to remember that buckwheat porridge should not be disturbed by a spoon until it is completely cooked. This is due to the fact that when you open the lid you will release the steam, which is so necessary for the proper preparation of buckwheat. After all, the grain is brewed, in general, not on water, but on steam.

After the buckwheat porridge is welded, it is wrapped in a blanket for 20 minutes. At this time, it is steamed and becomes soft. However, it does not lose its friability. But at this stage you can not stop the porridge. Serve buckwheat porridge with a hot, seasoned butter.

Buckwheat with mushrooms and onions

There is also another way of filling buckwheat. Porridge is a separate dish, to which you can not serve meat or fish as a garnish. By the way, side dishes are only vegetable, and the same potato should be considered a side dish to meat, and not vice versa. Therefore, you can recommend for buckwheat porridge to make a dressing from onions, dried mushrooms and eggs.

Raw finely chopped onions are put directly into the porridge in the middle of the cooking process. Do not mix! The same way they do with mushrooms. Dry white mushrooms can be pawned immediately with the croup. For two glasses of cereals, one mushroom is enough to give the porridge a pleasant mushroom flavor. Oil and chopped hard boiled eggs can only be added after the boiling water has completely boiled. Let the porridge stay a little more along with all the ingredients. Only after that it can be stirred and served to the table.

As you can see, it's quite easy to cook buckwheat porridge correctly. But due to the fact that buckwheat is very rarely used for cooking, we forgot how to do it correctly. And now you know how to cook buckwheat correctly.