Paradoxically, most women do not know the size of their Breasts. It often happens that women never ask this question after coming to the store, you can always ask the sales assistant what kind of bra will suit You. But if You order through the online store linens, what to do in this case? The land of the Soviets tell how to determine breast size.

To find the correct bra size the first time quite difficult. This is due to the fact that the stores are underwear not only of domestic production, but also Italian, French and Chinese. With Chinese underwear, most problems arise, as their manufacturers use their own labeling. Even different Chinese companies can use different markings. Therefore, when choosing Chinese lingerie, the best option is to consult with the seller and try on the laundry.

With a domestic manufacturer, everything is much easier. You only need to spend 10 minutes and do some simple mathematical calculations. As a result, you will know your breast size. Tell a little more about how to find out the size of the bust.

To determine breast size, it is necessary to perform two measurements. Using the usual tailor's meter, measure the chest girth at two points. The first girth is directly under the chest. It should be noted that you need to measure this girth on a naked body. Do not inhale deeply or exhale, producing a measure. Measuring the first girth of the chest, you must tightly press the tailor's meter to the body.

The second measurement of the chest is at its most convex points. In this case, do not press the meter very tightly to the chest, otherwise you will get a smaller cup that will be small for you. If you have a very large chest, you can produce a second size, wearing a thin pull-up bra. It will help you to correctly determine the size of the bust cups.

You can now proceed directly to determining the size of the breast. Now, subtract the second figure from the bust first. Obtained the third figure is the completeness of the cups and hence the size. The fullness of the Cup varies from 10 to 21 cm For marking completeness is often used alphabetic characters. The smallest size is AA, followed by A, b, C and so on to F. the results Obtained can be written in this form:

Alphabetic labeling is used, domestic manufacturers of underwear. Also very often the digital marking of linen is used: from 0 to 6+. Thus, 0 corresponds to the size of AA, then - in increasing order.

Don't forget that the French and Italian manufacturers use a different system of marking bras. How to determine the size of the bust in this case? Everything is very simple. You will again need two values ​​for the girth of the chest. Only in this case the difference should be divided also into 6. The figure obtained will be the fullness of the cup.

By the way, very often marking manufacturers of bras looks like this. 75C, where 75 is the underbust girth, and C is the Cup size. Of course, in this case the letter can vary, for example 75B or 75D. It all depends on Your size.

This marking system at first glance may seem very complex. but if you get used to it, you will not have much difficulty choosing bras from a particular manufacturer.

Your breast size You can say to Your beloved man. Choosing linen as a gift, a man tries to describe or in some other way show the size of a woman's breasts. And now, knowing the exact dimensions, he can easily choose the clothes he likes. And you also can not worry that your man's gift will be too big or too small. After all, now you know how to determine the size of the breast.