New year black water Dragon has not yet come, and many already want to know what awaits them in the next 2012. Whatever is predicted of love and Eastern horoscopes, without good health it will be difficult to realize their ambitions in the new year. Health horoscope in 2012 will tell you what you need to pay special attention.

Aries. Aries recommends health horoscope in the coming year not to recycle: stress associated with physical and nervous stress can undermine your health. You will be especially prone to colds, respiratory allergies and nervous breakdowns. Yoga can help to improve health (just do not choose dynamic practices) and breathing exercises.

Taurus. The health status of Taurus in 2012 will be quite satisfactory. However, in the summer, you should be careful while driving or dealing with different mechanisms. If you are over 50, you need to monitor the weight and maintain physiological indicators (pressure, palpitation) in the norm by regular walks and balanced nutrition.

Gemini. Twins in the coming year are prone to nervous tension, stress, panic attacks, problems with blood pressure and heart, general anxiety. All this makes their horoscope health for 2012 not too favorable. Meditation and good music will help you to avoid stress. Try to perceive life as it is, not taking anything to heart.

Cancer. Cancers in 2012 were lucky: most likely, they will not have any special health problems. Only mild ailments are possible. But you need to be careful while driving or practicing extreme sports, especially in the second half of the year, starting in June. Fitness classes this year will benefit you and significantly improve your health and quality of life.

Leo. To health did not disappoint you, be moderate in food and drink: if you do not keep track of your diet, you run the risk of gaining extra pounds. The health horoscope advises the Lions to exercise regularly. You do not have to worry if something goes wrong, as it was intended. Try to calm down, coolness will help you avoid health problems.

Virgin. Virgos are health all will be well, if they won't stop trying. Healthy sleep and balanced diet is the key to good health. Senior representatives of the mark likely to suffer from bouts of absent-mindedness, dizziness and joint pain. Native should pay special attention to avoid possible worsening of these problems.

Libra. Despite possible mild indispositions, Libra's state of health this year will be predominantly good. But if you still get sick, the horoscope of health advises you to be especially careful when taking medication, because there is a possibility of allergy to medicines. There may be a need for a small surgical intervention or an invasive procedure.

Scorpio. The Scorpio's state of health, like that of Libra, will be basically good this year. Although the influence of negative factors caused by your individual horoscope is not excluded. This year there will be no special cause for concern, so you have nothing to fear from diseases caused by stress. Pay more attention to fitness, this year is favorable for sports.

Sagittarius. In the middle of the year there is a small chance of injury, but in general your health horoscope for 2012 is quite favorable. With mild ailments it is quite possible to cope with conservative methods. You need to learn to relax to avoid unnecessary stress associated with stagnation in professional activity. Use periods of stagnation with the use - for rest.

Capricorn. Capricorn this year, nothing to worry about: they will be at the peak of vitality and Wellness. No serious illnesses, no injuries, no surgery (unless you predicts your individual Natal horoscope). But this does not mean that health care needs: regular walks in the fresh air will increase promised you the stars.

Aquarius. The diseases of Aquarius this year will be provoked by their craving for excess. Intemperance in eating or drinking definitely will not benefit your health. Try to observe moderation in everything that concerns physical pleasures. You should be more physically active, even during the holidays: instead of felting on the beach, it's better to go in for sports.

Fish. Pisces in the coming year should not be overstrained: stresses will undermine the immune system, and this will lead to colds, respiratory infections or other infections, especially November is dangerous. In the rest of the year will be very favorable, serious health problems are not expected. However, you need to be careful when driving, especially in January and March.