The symbol of the coming year of white metal rabbit. This must be taken into account when making new year's table, because each symbol of year on East calendar has its own color and element. For example, color 2011 — white, yellow, silver and gold, and element — metal. However, if these colors don't fit in with the overall color scheme and style of your interior, it is better to refuse them or to confine small items.

To beat two colors, you can put on the Christmas table two cloths — for example, white and gold. White tablecloth should be a little more in size, it directly covers the festive table. And a square golden tablecloth of a smaller area is piled above, a diamond.

Since the element of the rabbit — metal, Christmas table can be decorated with beautiful and stylish metal candle holders  and figurines of the symbol of the coming year (Rabbit, Cat or Hare), made of white metal. That these figurines do not look lonely, you can decorate them with confetti, tinsel, "rain" or sparkles.

From dishes it is best to give preference to China  with a thin gold or silver rim and silver cutlery. Glasses for drinks can be painted by special paints, decorated with New Year's motifs and patterns.

Traditional decoration of the Christmas table is wreaths and arrangements from branches of coniferous trees. You can buy them in the store, and you can do with your hands. For the manufacture of a wreath or arrangement you can use spruce or pine branches, artificial flowers, ornaments (preferably unbreakable) and satin ribbons. The finished composition put in a beautiful glass vase and place in the center of the table.

Because the Rabbit is very fond of fruits, you can put in the center of the table big fruit bowl. Spectacular glass and crystal vases look spectacular. It is best to put apples, lemons, mandarins and oranges in a vase on the eve of the year of the Rabbit. You can decorate the center of the table with a funny bouquet of fresh carrots - a rabbit will certainly appreciate it! Or you can try your hand at carving - cutting out various figures from fruits and vegetables.

Cloth napkins, which rely to each guest, you can intercept with special rings. These rings can be made with their own hands, cutting out a figure of a rabbit made of thick paper with a stencil, folding it into a ring and gluing it together. Now many stationery stores sell double-sided multi-colored cardboard - there is even silver and gold. The main thing is to wait for the glue to dry completely, otherwise you can stain a snow-white napkin.

What is Christmas without candles? For decoration of Christmas table you can use a variety of candle — high and low, narrow and wide. Now at the gift shops offer a wide variety decorative candles (gel and paraffin) and original candle holders. It is best to take the two-tone candles — white-silver and white-gold. Very impressive look of the floating candles. From carefully placed on the surface of the water that I put in a wide flat vase, and on the surface of the water poured out dry flower petals.

Of course, the best decoration of the Christmas table is holiday meals. not only delicious, but also beautiful. If you decide to make the salad, put it in the shape of a rabbit. Ordinary salads such as "Olivier" can be laid out in the form of a three-dimensional figure, making a rabbit ears from vegetables and eyes from olives. And puffed salads such as "Mimosa" are easier to lay out in the form of a flat figure. If you are feeding a cookie to the New Year's table - bake it in the form of rabbits, bunnies and kittens, it's very easy to get the appropriate cookie molds. Chocolate figure of a rabbit can decorate a New Year's cake.

These are just a few ideas for decorating the Christmas table. Every housewife makes a festive table decoration something different, and in each family it is unique!