To new year's eve party was a success, you need to think not only about the design of facilities and the festive table, but also about entertainment. Christmas contests and games will not get bored and not turn the holiday into a banal eating salad to the accompaniment of the TV.

Christmas contests and games need to choose depending on the company in which you will see in the New year. If you, for example, celebrate the New year in the family circle, the contests must be suitable for all generations, so that they could participate and grandmothers, and grandchildren. In this case you need Christmas contests and games for the whole family. Well, for a friendly party such restrictions, of course not. Everything will depend on your resources, size, number of people and degree of their acquaintance with each other.

Hat, who are you?

For this game you need to find hats of various styles are the number of participants, from Fedor to frivolous hats with short veils. If you collect so many hats do not succeed, you can make a symbolic hat out of paper. Each player chooses one hat and putting it on. He needs to figure out how spoke and acted the owner of this hat. You can even invent a new name, a biography, any characteristic gestures or accent. Each player in turn represents your character. And then some time all the members of your party play their created characters .

Paper costumes

Divide all the guests into several groups. Give each group a stack of old Newspapers, tape, pins and scissors. Also pre-write on index cards the names of Christmas characters (Santa Claus, snow maiden, Christmas tree, Bunny, etc.), and let a representative from each group will pull a card. The player's task — in the allotted time to make a newspaper costume of the character that got them to the group. As a model you need to use one of the players. To use additional materials not! After the allotted time (say 10 minutes) teams present their creations in a mini fashion show, then selected the winning team. For this you can either pre-select a jury or to vote (provided that for his team to not vote).

New year's eve we promise ourselves that the new year will begin life anew. That did not work to start Monday, will need to start with the first of January. Why not make these promises in the game?

Write on slips of paper so many promises to, once you come up with. You can do serious and not-so — that's the way you like. Fold all the papers into the pouch and let guests pull one at a time, and then read, starting with the words "I promise. ". If a player believes that the paper is not suitable, it needs to "sell" it to whom, in his opinion, this promise is more useful. You can write, for example, such promises :

  • save money
  • eat more chocolate
  • spend more time with friends
  • to spend more money in the second half
  • to read more
  • less talk
  • commute to work by bike
  • to get a new hobby
  • to get a dog
  • to revive old acquaintances

A year later be sure to check who was able to keep his promise, and who is not.

Hunting for celebrities

Write on paper the number of players the names of celebrities. Pieces of paper are pasted on the forehead to the players: each player sees the papers of other people, but do not know what piece of paper he got. The task is to guess which celebrity you got. Players move around the room asking each other questions that can be answered with "Yes" or "No". If you answered "Yes", you can continue to ask the same player if "No" – you need to find a new "victim" for their problems. The winner is the one who first will understand what is written on his piece of paper.

Once or twice or three, group up!

This is a game for a large company, it will help to stir up the people. Players move around the room, at some point, the presenter calls a number, for example five. On this signal the players must gather in groups of five people, holding hands, or embracing. Those who did not "cling" to any of the groups out of the game. The game continues, the presenter calls the new number, drop out the new players. And so until there is one group of winners from two to five people. Important point: numbers, called leading, should be no more than half the number of people who are currently in the game.

Choosing Christmas contests and games for the party, remember a few important points :

  • rules should not be too difficult, the players did not have long to sort them out
  • if you are planning outdoor games, warn guests in advance so they dressed comfortably
  • do not make guests play if they do not like the game;
  • if the company is poorly familiar with each other people avoid games that seem too personal (touches or personal issues).

Merry holiday!